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It's a pretty unsurprising dystopian Science Fiction concept, really All Science Fiction TV shows and movies are dystopian It's easier to create conflict and drama in a dystopian world where things are terrible and people are in dire straits all the time rather than a utopian story where the world is doing well, scarcity, war,[...]
The Labyrinth: Image/Skybound to Publish New Artbook by Simon Stålenhag
They have a low-key, dystopian, "after the Fall" feel of quiet dystopias where people live in the shadow of fallen technology and the aftermath of major events Those events are often talked about, hinted at, shown through the ruins and wreckage of technology and a world surviving and getting on because what else is there[...]
Brave New World | Official Trailer | Peacock
The series is an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's 1931 dystopian Science Fiction novel about a future society founded on plenty and leisure, where privacy is controlled, monogamy is taboo  Family, money, and history are all banned Everyone is born into a specific class or caste, encouraged to engage in free love and hedonism outside of[...]
"The Machine Stops" from "Out of the Unknown" 1966, BFI
He also wrote one Science Fiction story, The Machine Stops, which has suddenly turned out to be way ahead of its time. One of the First Dystopian Science Fiction Stories The novella, written back in 1909, takes place in a far future where an entire society lives in isolation and lockdown People all live underground in their[...]
The New World #1 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore
Among the most popular of these Guardians is Stella Maris, the President Herod's granddaughter. The New World #1 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore There is also Kirby Shakaku Miyazaki, a straightedge hacker who just wants to see this authoritarian establishment crumble. The New World #1 is like a stew of various sci-fi films and comics about dystopian[...]
Factory #3 cover by Elgo
I liked the premise: factories in a dystopian landscape essentially providing everything the local populace needs to survive. Factory #3 cover by Elgo This issue focuses on a lot of things Gucco's people continue to experiment with telepathy The townsfolk gather around a mysterious messianic figure named Quaid and attack Gucco's factory There are pig people. Despite the[...]
Cold War #4 cover by Hayden Sherman
It doesn't help that these are often delivered for characters that are going to die in the same issue, making it all feel unnecessary. Sherman's artwork is gritty and heavily angled, which makes sense for a sci-fi war-torn dystopia story like this However, it still makes many scenes hard to parcel out, and the color palette[...]
Cyber Spectre #1 cover by Ale Graza
Oracle Colors does some solid work too, even though the extremes of the spectrum could be toned down somewhat to aid in the atmosphere. Cyber Spectre #1 has potential, but that potential is ignored by a comic that relies too much on the clichés of cyberpunk dystopian fiction and a main character who is all attitude[...]