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The Silent Sea: Netflix Science Fiction K-Drama Coming in December
The Silent Sea is a new first: a K-Drama Science Fiction mystery on the moon It stars Doona Bae (best known in the West for starring in the Wachowskis' unjustly canceled Sens8) and Gong Yoo finding the answers to a mystery on a lunar base The 8-episode series arrives on December 24, on Netflix Koreans[...]
The Three-Body Problem: Tencent Releases First Trailer of TV Series
The Three-Body Problem, Liu Cixin's epic Science Fiction novel is in a unique person of having two different TV adaptations in the works, a Chinese version produced by Tencent and a Western version produced by Netflix We were the first outlet to run a piece highlighting the trailer for the Tencent version – and with[...]
The Three-Body Problem: Tencent Releases First Trailer of TV Series
The Three-Body Problem, the Chinese Science Fiction saga by Liu Cixin, has not one but two highly anticipated TV adaptations, one from Netflix and a Chinese version from Mainland Chinese studio and streamer Tencent Now it looks like Tencent's version will premiere first They just released a full teaser trailer this week. "The Three-Body Problem" key[...]
Time Before Time #6 Review: Satisfies
That's a nice palate cleanser, which is not to say Palmer's science fiction gonzo-ness is bad, but this is good too As always, Chris O'Halloran and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou provide visual continuity with colors and lettering that keep the reader in situ. This issue is excellent, and with the collected edition out last week, fans can get[...]
Three-Body Problem: Hong Kong's Derek Tsang To Direct Netflix SF Epic
Netflix has not announced who the actors will be playing. "The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin, cover courtesy of Tor Books The Three-Body Problem is an adaptation of Liu's epic science fiction trilogy, which tells the story of what happens when humanity discovers that we are not alone in the universe and faces an alien invasion that[...]
Foundation, the original Isaac Asimov book, is probably the most influential Science Fiction novel of all time Asimov was writing a riff on Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire with a Science Fiction twist, the latter being Hari Seldon's ability to mathematically predict the fall of an intergalactic empire and the[...]
Kang The Conqueror #1 Review: Solid Timing
The artwork from Carlos Magno, Espen Grundetjern, and Joe Caramagna is lush and immersive, dropping the reader in the middle of science fiction futures and prehistoric landscapes with equal clarity and effect. If the last page is to be believed, and this is all set up a tour of various variants, it's less engaging Likewise, if[...]
Time Before Time #4 Review: Noirish Sci-Fi Thrills
With noirish sci-fi thrills and a wonderfully intricate science fiction world built around them, this issue continues an engaging look at two people on the run. Time Before Time #4 Cover Credit: Image Comics Tatsuo is a criminal, working for the Syndicate as a time-traveling "coyote" that takes people from futures they hate to pasts they might[...]
Another Life: Netflix Posts Clip from Season 2 of Grimdark SciFi Show
Netflix posted a clip from the second season of Another Life, the flawed and grim Science Fiction series starring Katee Sackhoff on Day 2 of Geeked Week The first season of the series premiered back in 2019 It ended on a cliffhanger Good thing Netflix renewed it, right? Another Life, Netflix Here's a look at the clip,[...]
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Time Corps #16 from Wunderman Comics
Time Corps is a science fiction series from Venice, California-based publisher Wunderman Comics, offering a dramatic slant on what happens after we die and the challenges keeping time moving in the right direction. If you die without having done enough good or bad to earn a final disposition in your spiritual system and you might end[...]
Noctis: Australian Hip Hop Band Hilltop Hoods Debut their First Comic
Australian Hip Hop kings Hilltop Hoods have created Noctis, their first comic series with Scott Dooley and Tokyo 5 Creators Andrew Archer and Jeff Nice for a Science Fiction Story inspired by the classics Publisher Z2 Comics continues to define the relationship between music and comics, bringing together the comics industry's best talent with recording[...]
From Now: Amazon to Adapt Brian Cox-Richard Madden Sci Fi Podcast
Amazon Studios announced they will adapt the QCode Science Fiction audio drama podcast From Now, which starred Richard Madden from Game of Thrones and The Bodyguard and Brian Cox from Succession Both Madden and Cox are Golden Globe winners, which lent the podcast a certain prestige They will serve as executive producers on the TV[...]