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Another Life: Netflix Posts Clip from Season 2 of Grimdark SciFi Show
Netflix posted a clip from the second season of Another Life, the flawed and grim Science Fiction series starring Katee Sackhoff on Day 2 of Geeked Week The first season of the series premiered back in 2019 It ended on a cliffhanger Good thing Netflix renewed it, right? Another Life, Netflix Here's a look at the clip,[...]
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Time Corps #16 from Wunderman Comics
Time Corps is a science fiction series from Venice, California-based publisher Wunderman Comics, offering a dramatic slant on what happens after we die and the challenges keeping time moving in the right direction. If you die without having done enough good or bad to earn a final disposition in your spiritual system and you might end[...]
Noctis: Australian Hip Hop Band Hilltop Hoods Debut their First Comic
Australian Hip Hop kings Hilltop Hoods have created Noctis, their first comic series with Scott Dooley and Tokyo 5 Creators Andrew Archer and Jeff Nice for a Science Fiction Story inspired by the classics Publisher Z2 Comics continues to define the relationship between music and comics, bringing together the comics industry's best talent with recording[...]
From Now: Amazon to Adapt Brian Cox-Richard Madden Sci Fi Podcast
Amazon Studios announced they will adapt the QCode Science Fiction audio drama podcast From Now, which starred Richard Madden from Game of Thrones and The Bodyguard and Brian Cox from Succession Both Madden and Cox are Golden Globe winners, which lent the podcast a certain prestige They will serve as executive producers on the TV[...]
Emma Booth, who is currently starring in Starz's New Zealand import cop series The Gloaming, will be the lead in a TV adaptation of the Science Fiction short film Proxy from Anonymous Content As Deadline first reported, Proxy was originally directed by Sophia Banks, whose debut feature Black Site starred Jason Clarke, Michelle Monaghan, and Jai Courtney, and written by[...]
The Labyrinth: Image/Skybound to Publish New Artbook by Simon Stålenhag
The Labyrinth, Science Fiction artist Simon Stålenhag's upcoming, highly anticipated narrative art book, will be published this November by Image/Skybound. The Labyrinth is Stålenhag's fourth title. "The Labyrinth" cover by Simon Stålenhag, Image/Skybound The Labyrinth, like many of Simon Stålenhag's works, is about world-building more than plot[...]
Enhanced: Well-Made SciFi B Movie Too Conventional for its Own Good
Enhanced is one of those indie low-budget Science Fiction B thrillers that are the bread and butter of the movie business It takes ideas from other movies, comic books, and TV shows and puts them in a blender to create a calling card for the director and stunt team. can't be loaded because JavaScript is[...]
Redemption #2: AWA Studios Previews Their Feminist SciFi Western
Here we present Redemption #2, the second issue of the Science Fiction series by Christa Faust and Mike Deodato, Jr. "Redemption #2" cover courtesy of AWA Studios We're big fans of Christa Faust's work around here, and we loved her first AWA book Bad Mother, which was a hardboiled crime thriller Redemption takes a different turn into[...]
The Expanse: How Season 5 Wrote Out an Actor Who Was #MeToo’d
This is the beauty of Science Fiction – you can just use what's already around in real Science! The Expanse has shown us the way forward! The 5th season of The Expanse ended by killing off one of the main characters because the actor playing him had to be fired after he was accused of[...]