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Enhanced: Well-Made SciFi B Movie Too Conventional for its Own Good
Enhanced is one of those indie low-budget Science Fiction B thrillers that are the bread and butter of the movie business It takes ideas from other movies, comic books, and TV shows and puts them in a blender to create a calling card for the director and stunt team. can't be loaded because JavaScript is[...]
Redemption #2: AWA Studios Previews Their Feminist SciFi Western
Here we present Redemption #2, the second issue of the Science Fiction series by Christa Faust and Mike Deodato, Jr. "Redemption #2" cover courtesy of AWA Studios We're big fans of Christa Faust's work around here, and we loved her first AWA book Bad Mother, which was a hardboiled crime thriller Redemption takes a different turn into[...]
The Expanse: How Season 5 Wrote Out an Actor Who Was #MeToo’d
This is the beauty of Science Fiction – you can just use what's already around in real Science! The Expanse has shown us the way forward! The 5th season of The Expanse ended by killing off one of the main characters because the actor playing him had to be fired after he was accused of[...]
Space Sweepers: Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Premiere on Netflix
It's also Korea's first Science Fiction space opera blockbuster It never made it to theatres due to the coronavirus and ended up getting sold to Netflix, which actually means more people across the world will see it And it's the space opera comedy we didn't know we were craving. "Space Sweepers," Netflix The heroes of Space Sweepers[...]
Resident Alien Turns Woman's Pelvic Exam into Sitcom Joke
Hats off to this show's writers for the purest expression of the last four years in what looks like a dumb sitcom Science Fiction show And all in the first two episodes! That's a record! The SyFy Channel is still making innovative TV, possibly by accident! We already wrote about how Resident Alien, the TV[...]
The Expanse: How Season 5 Wrote Out an Actor Who Was #MeToo’d
Amazon Prime's The Expanse might just be the best Science Fiction show on TV right now Each season has been a fairly faithful adaptation of a book in the series with tweaks and changes to make the story work better for the screen Season 5 just aired its finale, and it reveals how a major[...]
Dantai: Crunchyroll Partners with Idris Elba for New Anime Series
This development deal with Sabrina and Idris Elba is another example of how we're working with best-in-class partners to bring in new audiences and tell fresh and compelling stories through a medium that transcends genres and generations." Idris ElbaPhoto by Denis Makarenko / Currently in development, the Afro-futuristic science fiction series will be set in a[...]