CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl Discusses CSI: Vegas & Ghosts

With CBS joining in with this week's Upfronts fun by releasing its Fall 2021 primetime schedule on Wednesday, there were two series in particular that made the cut that are on our radar. Set for Wednesdays at 10 pm, the sequel series CSI: Vegas brings William Petersen, Jorja Fox, and Wallace Langham returning to the franchise along with a new line-up of crime-solvers that include Paula Newsome. Then on Thursdays at 9 pm, we have the U.S. remake of the British comedy series Ghosts– with Rose McIver (I, Zombie) and Utkarsh Ambudkar (Harvey Girls Forever!) as the new owners of a country estate inhabited by an eclectic group of deceased residents.

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Speaking with Deadline Hollywood, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl shared some thoughts on the two projects- one that looks to revitalize a beloved franchise and another that looks to offer something a little "different" for network viewers:

"CSI: Vegas": Combining a season-long mystery with individual episode cases, Kahl says the series is the "best of the old meets the best of the new" in a way that will attract new and long-time viewers. "It is a lot of the old CSI that people love and then introducing new characters with the idea of crime-solving has changed a lot since it went off the air. If you thought you saw it all on the old CSI, you haven't, there's a lot of new techniques and technology to help catch bad guys."

"Ghosts": An admitted fan of the original UK series, Kahl and the network are high on the remake's potential. "It's a little different for us, certainly, but we think it's unique in the marketplace, we think it's imaginative, funny and what we see is one of those unicorn shows, where male, female, young, old can find something appealing in this show. This is our only new comedy [in the fall] and we're very excited about it so we're going to push it very hard. Having the BBC series as a template, gives us a lot of confidence that the show has a lot of runway in front of it."

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