Gomorrah Season 4: HBO Max Releases Official Trailer for Crime Drama

The fourth season of the Italian gangster series Gomorrah will premiere in the United States on May 20 on HBO Max. To get viewers ready for what they can expect, the streaming service released an official trailer as well as a season overview.

Gomorrah: HBO Max Releases Season 4 Trailer Ahead of May Premiere
Still from "Gomorrah", HBO Max

As the synopsis for the fourth season reads (and as you're about to see), things aren't getting any better for anyone:

The new season clearly turns the spotlight on Genny (Salvatore Esposito), the lone Savastano dynasty survivor: a character who has shed countless skins in the process of morphing from Don Pietro's spoiled brat into family boss, husband, and father. In fact, the new season sees him on his best behavior precisely for the sake of Azzurra (Ivana Lotito) and little Pietro: with his own family to protect and an activity to reboot, he feels the need for a major life change, committing to legit business while sneaking out, as best he can, from the world his father had him grow up in.

His interests in Naples are now entrusted to Patrizia (Cristiana Dell'Anna) who, having first betrayed and then killed the former female leader of The Alliance, Scianel, has earned her rank within the Savastano clan. Along with Genny, to level the scores and keep the peace in gangland, they will lean on the Levante clan, a branch of late Donna Imma's family. Meanwhile, Enzo (Arturo Muselli) and Valerio (Loris De Luna), having tightened their grip over the central Naples turf, are faced with new challenges.

The fourth season of the Italian-language series, which is based on Roberto Saviano's book of the same name, is directed by Francesca Comencini, Claudio Cupellini, Marco D'Amore, Enrico Rosati, and Ciro Visco. Gomorrah is executive produced by Cattleya's Riccardo Tozzi, Gina Gardini, Giovanni Stabilini, and Marco Chimenz, as well as by Nils Hartman and Sonia Rovai for Sky. The series is developed by Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, and Saviano.

Gomorrah is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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