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Blue Eye Samurai Teaser, Images Highlight Anime's Amazing Animation
With the anime set to hit screens in November, viewers were treated to a set of preview images and a teaser that do an impressive job demonstrating the amazing animation work in play – a striking difference to a number of other projects released today. Cr COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023 #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
true detective
Along with the release of a very intense new teaser, as well as a preview image, we've learned that we won't have to wait too far into the new year – with HBO confirming that the series will premiere its new season on Sunday, January 14th. Image: HBO Joining Jodie Foster and Kali Reis are Finn Bennett,[...]
stranger things
Now, here's a look back at the official overview of the play and some previously released teasers – with performances of Stranger Things: The First Shadow kicking off on December 14th (with previews in eight week): Hawkins, 1959: a regular town with regular worries Young Jim Hopper's car won't start, Bob Newby's sister won't take his radio[...]
Fargo Season 5 Teaser: Jon Hamm's Sheriff Tillman REALLY Wants Coffee
When we last checked in on the fifth installment of FX and Noah Hawley's Fargo, we were introduced to Dorothy "Dot" Lyon (Juno Temple) via a teaser for the anthology series' November return We learned that Dot is a real multitasker when it comes to getting done what needs to be done… even if it[...]
scott pilgrim
COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023 With the animated onslaught set to be unleashed on November 17th, here's a look back at the official teaser for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, followed by a look back at what else we know about the upcoming streaming series: Along with the voices of Cera (Scott Pilgrim) and Winstead (Ramona), the project[...]
Squid Game: The Challenge Teaser: What Would YOU Do for $4.56 Million?
For their part, the streamer and producers Studio Lambert & The Garden denied the reports in a statement, saying that "while it was very cold on set – and participants were prepared for that – any claims of serious injury are untrue." The statement continued, "We care deeply about the health and safety of our[...]
american horror story
Whatever the reason, we have been getting a steady flow of teasers, key art, and more coming our way pretty much every day for the five-episode first part of Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story: Delicate And that continued this afternoon with a full teaser for the Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevingne-starring[...]
kite man
Now, we're getting our first extended look at the "Harley Quinn" spinoff series Kite Man, Hell Yeah! via an official teaser confirming that the animated series is "Coming Soon" (which is a fancy way of saying, "Coming in 2024") After getting a little too "confessional" to kick things off, we get a chance to see[...]
american horror story
Before we pass along the newest teaser for the five-episode first part of Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story: Delicate, a quick thought about the past season as well as what's to come For us, "NYC" is a tough season to process in the greater context of the long-running horror anthology series – and we[...]
american horror story
The last time we checked in with how things were looking with the five-episode first part of Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story: Delicate, we had a new teaser as well as episode overviews for S12E01: "Multiply Thy Pain," S12E02: "Rockabye," and S12E03: "When The Bough Breaks" to pass along[...]
American Horror Story: Delicate Teaser, Eps. 1-3 Overviews Released
Sure, we have a new teaser for the Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevingne-starring 12th season to pass along – but we're including some important intel along with it Namely, the episode overviews for S12E01: "Multiply Thy Pain," S12E02: "Rockabye," and S12E03: "When The Bough Breaks." And they have some very interesting teases to offer… Image:[...]
After the teaser image that dropped on Thursday, we were hoping that we were going to hear more about what's ahead with Apple TV+ and Legendary Television's Godzilla-starring live-action series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Well, the streamer and studio did not disappoint, dropping not one… not two… but three important updates that will have you[...]
american horror story
After a steady stream of artistic key art posters and teaser, Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk stepped up things in a big way for the weekend – enough to cover both days In the following trailer from FX Networks offering a look at what's to come heading into the end of the year, we're getting a[...]
Bodies Teaser, Images Preview Si Spencer Graphic Novel Series Adapt
Stemming from showrunner, writer & executive producer Paul Tomalin (Torchwood, Shameless), here's a look at the preview images that were released earlier this week – followed by an official teaser: Cr Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023. Cr Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023. Cr Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023. Cr Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023. Cr Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023. Cr[...]
Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Teaser
Max's Our Flag Means Death season two is on the horizon, and the long-awaited teaser promises a challenging reunion between Stede (Rhys Darby) and Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) awaits fans this October The gay pirates that stole our hearts (they certainly captured mine) are back, and some things haven't changed As Stede writes love letters, Blackbeard promises[...]
In the newest mini-teaser – reminding us that tomorrow is the day – we see Sterling attempting to keep Pam (Amber Nash) from being Pam But can anyone ever really stop the "Sploosh"? Image: FX Networks Screencap With the final run kicking off this Wednesday, August 30th, here's a look at the latest preview – followed by[...]
american horror story
Though… maybe some footage from an actual episode? But until that happens, we have a look at Roberts holding her "spidery" loved one close – while urging all of us to hold our fears closer: Image: FX Networks With Roberts, Kardashian & Delevingne being joined by Matt Czuchry, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Julie White, Debra Monk,[...]
american horror story
To help get us ready for the Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian & Cara Delevingne-starring 12th season, we've been treated to a series of teasers and key art posters that have been playing a little too hard into our fear of spiders in large quantities But with the newest key art poster, we see Roberts about[...]
american horror story
Because the latest teaser for the Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian & Cara Delevingne-starring season didn't just double or triple down on the spider theme/threat – it quadrupled down And it's also pretty lear that Anna (Roberts) isn't going to be raising her child alone… Image: FX Networks Screencap With Roberts, Kardashian & Delevingne being joined by Matt[...]
Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 Fronted by showrunner Kevin Kolde and series creator & writer Clive Bradley and produced by Project 51 Productions (with production services provided by Powerhouse Animation), here's a look at the "New on Netflix: September 2023" trailer (beginning at around the 5:30 mark) that was released earlier today, followed by a look back[...]
gen v
Now, here's a look back at the teaser released back in December 2022: Fazekas and Butters serve as showrunners In addition, the duo executive produces alongside Kripke, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Neal H Moritz, Ori Marmur, Pavun Shetty, Ken Levin, Jason Netter, Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Craig Rosenberg, Zak Schwartz, Erica Rosbe, and Michaela[...]
Wilderness Teaser Debuts Taylor Swift's New "Look What You Made Me Do"
And they aren't making fans wait until September 15th to hear it – because it's included in the teaser that you're about to check out below… Image: Prime Video/NBCUniversal (Taylor Swift) "Who doesn't know someone who's been cheated on? That gut punch on discovery, the trail of paranoia and suspicion it leaves behind, the difficulty of trusting[...]
the wheel of time
Earlier today, viewers were treated to a mini teaser that makes it pretty clear that if there was ever a time to show some serious power? Yeah, that time would be now… Image: Prime Video Screencap Here's a look at the newest mini teaser that was released earlier today, followed by what we know about the second[...]
American Horror Story: Delicate Official Teaser: The Cradle Will Fall
Following that, we've been treated to a teaser and three very cool character profile key art posters that really drive home the season's theme But now, with about a month to go, we're getting another look at what's to come in the form of a new teaser that spins a very disturbing "web" that will[...]
daryl dixon
After spending the past few days getting to know more about Romain Levi's Codron and Clémence Poésy's Isabelle, AMC and AMC+ are pausing the character profile mini-teasers to offer us another look at what the Norman Reedus-starring The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has to offer But as much as what you're about to see offers[...]
After the release of some very cool character profile key art posters for Disney+, Lucasfilm & Dave Filoni's Rosario Dawson-starring Star Wars: Ahsoka, we're back to check out more of the mini-teasers that have been coming our way In the newest one, Ahsoka Tano (Dawson) and the late Ray Stevenson's Baylan Skoll prepare to throw[...]