Kevin Nash Demands Details on Security for Joe Biden's Inauguration

Joe Biden's inauguration as President of the United States is happening this week, and there are reportedly 25,000 troops expected to be in the capital to guard the event from additional acts of violence by unhinged Trump supporters and white supremacist militias such as the January 6th insurrection encouraged by President Donald Trump himself. It's a scary time, but thankfully, we've got the best people looking into. People like WWE Hall-of-Famer Big Sexy Kevin Nash, who took to Twitter to inspect security protocols and ensure the government has all its bases covered.

Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump
Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump

"After the Capital debacle I pray it doesn't come to this but who is in charge," Nash tweeted. "Who has determined rules of engagement? Everyone needs to take a deep breath. Kent State was 4 dead. If supremacist or militias come with semiautomatic weapons and are willing to die are the security?"

When someone suggested the Secret Service are willing to die, Nash responded, "Who is under the Homeland Security. So many different security elements. Several police agencies. National Guard and Secret Service. Then every state Capital and the same situation."

When another person accused Big Sexy of being scared, he replied, "No you can only kill me once. Concerned for America. I raised my hand once and pledged I would give my life. Send me a ticket." And when a troll said they would report Nash's account for promoting violence, Nash replied, "Asking a question. If Trump hadn't incited violence would 25k National Guard be in DC? We weren't prepared the first time. God forbid with the acting heads of our government are on the same page."

Some might question whether a professional wrestler is qualified to talk about politics, but personally, we think that argument went out the window when the American people elected one to be president. And besides, Nash has some pretty astute advice for Donald Trump supporters trying to cope with Trump's loss in the election amidst his lies about voter fraud.

"Who is deploying 20k Nation Guard? I saw Pence meeting with the head of FBI. Trump is doing What? Having moments of reflection? Blood leads to blood, eventually a sea of it. Let's pull our heads out of our asses. I'm a Lions fan ,we get beat but my life continues," said Nash. "Trump lost."

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