Sherlock: Steven Moffat Says Holmes "Could Be a Woman Quite Easily"

On Saturday, Sherlock fans are celebrating the show's 10th anniversary (which also happens to fall nicely in the middle of Comic-Con@Home) by taking to social media with the hashtag #10YearsOfSherlock to show that as far as they're concerned, the game will always be afoot. As we learned earlier in the day, the fans weren't going to be celebrating alone. After soliciting questions from the Twitterverse earlier in the day, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue took the time to answer ten questions selected by the video panels host/moderator, Louis Moffat.

A look at Mycroft and Sherlock (Image: BBC)
A look at Mycroft and Sherlock (Image: BBC)

Over the course of ten questions, the trio cover a lot of ground when it comes to the Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman-starring series. From which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle work they would 've liked to have tackled ("The Red-Headed League"? "The Speckled Band"?) and which non-Cumberbatch/Freeman Holmes pairing are their favs to the idea of a female Sherlock Holmes (Moffat: "Sherlock Holmes could be a woman quite easily."), check out the clip below. After you're done, maybe you can decide what we should read into Gatiss' "stay tuned."

Gatiss got into the swing of things earlier on Saturday, putting back on the role of Sherlock's older brother Mycroft Holmes for a new video commemorating the day. "It has come to my attention that it is ten years since a highly fictionalized account of my brother's adventures was brought to the screen. This was a mistake," Gatiss' Mycroft states to the viewers (from his socially-distant "paradise"). "Detection is or should be an exact science, and should be treated with the same cold and unemotional manner. These programs have attempted to tinge it with romanticism, which has rather the same effect as if one were to work a love story or an elopement into the fifth proposition of Euclid. However, in their defense, the one who plays me is very handsome."

Just before dismissing us for something we're sure is righteously academic and intellectual, Mycroft offered us this final aside. "Some of us have re-read Proust during lockdown or learnt another three languages, but if you choose to vegetate on the sofa watching the television, that is entirely your concern." It goes without saying that the transcript doesn't do the video justice- thankfully, we have the video (from Chinese streaming website Youku) above to truly appreciate it.

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