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The Time Traveler’s Wife is an Inferior Remake of River Song's Arc
Steven Moffat's TV adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger's bestselling novel The Time Traveler's Wife is an awkward thing, an artifact that may have come too late The melancholy love story is about a woman (Rose Leslie) married to a man (Theo James) unstuck in Time who keeps disappearing and she only meets different versions of him[...]
Doctor Who: Ace, Tegan, The Master & More Return for Final Special
When Steven Moffat took over from Davies, he brought back Gallifrey. Chris Chibnall turned the show's continuity into a crutch to cover up the lack of ideas or surprises Doctor Who has become old and creaky again He just had to make Gallifrey part of everything again Gallifrey is a big problem that hardcore fans refuse[...]
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Last month brought the release of the first official teaser for EP/Writer Steven Moffat & EP/Director David Nutter's six-episode series take on Audrey Niffenegger's novel ahead of its May 15th premiere (also streaming on HBO Max) Now, viewers are getting a look at the official trailer for HBO's The Time Traveler's Wife[...]
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Davies and Steven Moffat Not many people have been able to put their finger on exactly what was wrong Sexists, racists, and homophobes have blamed it on the casting of Jodie Whittaker as a female Doctor, more characters of colour in the main cast, more LGBTQ characters, and too much "woke" We would argue that[...]
Doctor Who: Best of Series 5 Video Recalls Moffat’s Triumphant First Season
The BBC finally released a compilation video of series 5 of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat's debut season as showrunner Overall, it's a triumphant start, continuing the success and popularity of his predecessor Russell T Davies' run and putting his own stamp on it Moffat's first season demonstrated how the same show can become a completely[...]
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One person who's been singing Davies' praises regarding his plans for what's to come is veteran Doctor Who showrunner & writer Steven Moffat, who had more to add about the show's future and Moffat's involvement with it Now how you should feel about it depends on your feelings about Moffat's run Curious? Read on… Former "Doctor[...]
Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has two more new shows in the works, reuniting him with former doctors David Tennant and Peter Capaldi One is Inside Man, an upcoming BBC crime thriller with Tennant, Stanley Tucci, Lydia West, and Dolly Wells The other is The Devil's Hour, a thriller starring Capaldi. Image: BBC/BBC America The BBC[...]
Doctor Who: Paradise Towers is Another
Davies and Steven Moffat's runs The Seventh Doctor already began to hint at the darker, more mysterious personality he would show in the next two seasons when he uses his bumbling façade to subtly charm his way into the teenage gangs' good graces and manipulate them into declaring a truce and co-operate with each other[...]
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Former showrunner/writer Steven Moffat and writer Mark Gatiss spoke with at the Radio Times Covers Party, having nothing but good things to say about the move and how it reflects well on the long-running series. Image: BBC Moffat on How Davies' Decision Is Proof of Show's "Vibrancy": "Ach, they're dragging him out of the archives!" joked Moffat[...]
Doctor Who: Doctor and Clara Video Reveals Moffat’s Grandest Themes
It's showrunner Steven Moffat and the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi's penultimate season, and companion Jenna Coleman's final season The video reveals that the season featured some of the show's finest Science Fiction stories and revealed Moffat's grandest themes in the show. "Doctor Who Series 9" image: BBC By his second season, Capaldi was starting to settle into[...]
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A month after a set of preview images for EP/Writer Steven Moffat & EP/Director David Nutter's six-episode series take on Audrey Niffenegger's novel was released during HBO and HBO Max's Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press event, viewers are getting a chance to see some of those images come to life with the release of the[...]
Doctor Who Season 6 Gave Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith Way, Way Too Much
Time for another compilation video of Doctor Who, this time of Season 6 of the new show, Steven Moffat & the Eleventh Doctor's (Matt Smith) second season This was the season when the show was at its peak of worldwide popularity This was the season where BBC America began to get involved with the show[...]
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Her creator and showrunner Steven Moffat certainly made her go through more changes and angst-inducing situations than any other companion on the new show's run She starts her second season happily married to Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) and the Doctor regards the Ponds as a single unit, though with Amy the dominant – and domineering[...]
Doctor Who: The Master Supercut Celebrates Hammy Villainy
Showrunner Steven Moffat just could not resist introducing a sexual undertone to her relationship with The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) Chris Chibnall brought back The Master, this time played by Sacha Dhawan, one of the best decisions made on his run Dhawan played The Master with a combination of spite and hurt and had great chemistry[...]