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Steven And Sue Signing Sherlock Comics on a Saturday Morning in London

Steven Moffat Has Theatrical Plans – A Sherlock Signing With Sue Vertue at Forbidden Planet

Today, in Forbidden Planet Megastore on Shaftesbury Avenue in London, Doctor Who/Sherlock/Dracula producer Sue Vertue popped by with her husband and writer/showrunner of all those shows, Steven Moffat, to do a little signing of Titan Comics’ Sherlock manga publications, that adapt the original scripts of the show in excruciating detail for manga readers in Japan,[...]

Meet Sherlock's New Season 3 Nemesis, King Of The Blackmailers

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue has shared the casting, nature and an image of new season three character, Charles Augustus Magnussen I would imagine he's a Scandi riff on Charles Augustus Milverton, "king of the blackmailers." But then again, I also imagined she meant Magnusson, with an o I've got a healthy imagination but it isn't[...]

Sherlock Is Filming, Eyes Are Prying, Possible Spoilers Are Leaking…

Far more subtle than the return of Scott, but not invisible.Earlier in the week, producer Sue Vertue sent a message to the fansite Sherlockology, asking for fans to not be intrusive during filming, and to not post spoilers on the internet.I'd argue that, so far at least, they're actually doing what she asked, maybe more[...]

PBS Cut 24 Minutes From Series 2 Of Sherlock To Make Room For Adverts

Speaking to The Independent, executive producer Sue Vertue had this to say: We had to cut eight minutes The PBS episodes have to be 82 minutes because of sponsors announcements It breaks your heart We try to cut the bits which aren't essential to the story but they are often the lovely character scenes We'll see[...]

Robert Sheehan And Sarah Alexander To Star In New Moffat-Related Sitcom, Me And Mrs Jones

Hartswood Films, run by Steven Moffat's mother-in-law Beryl Vertue and wife Sue Vertue, and producer of Moffat's Sherlock Holmes, Coupling and Jekyll, has a new comedy show for BBC1, Me And Mrs Jones.It stars Sarah Alexander (Susan in Coupling), Neil Morrissey from Men Behaving Badly (another Hartswood production) as well as Nathaniel Parker of Merlin[...]