Taya Valkyrie Apparently Exits Impact Wrestling; Is She WWE Bound?

On tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling, a segment involving Taya Valkyrie seemingly confirmed rumors the former Knockouts Champion is done with the company and likely heading to WWE. Valkyrie was outed on tonight's episode of Impact as the mastermind behind the shooting of her manager, John E. Bravo, last year. As a result, Valkyrie was escorted out of Skyway Studios, with tongue-in-cheek comments by Tommy Dreamer implying she's probably going to WWE.

Taya Valkyrie says goodbye to Rosemary before leaving Impact Wrestling
Taya Valkyrie says goodbye to Rosemary before leaving Impact Wrestling

From our Impact Wrestling report, due out later tonight, here's what happened:

Gia Miller asks Taya Valkyrie what's next for her after losing at Hard to Kill. Taya references Deonna Purrazzo cheating and says she's gonna play dirty too. But before she can elaborate, John E. Bravo arrives. He accuses Taya of making Larry D shoot him using the trigger scent of Ring Rust cologne., which is known to transform Larry into his suave but apparently murderous alter ego, Lawrence D, who had a crush on Rosemary during  Wrestle House. Yeah, it's a long story.

Tommy Dreamer and Acey Romero show up to back bravo up and confirm his story. Left with no choice, Taya admits to it. She says she never supported Bravo and Rosemary's relationship and Bravo has been useless since day one. Her only regret is he didn't die. Dreamer calls security, who drag Taya off screaming. Hinting at which company she'll sign with, Dreamer says if she's lucky she'll go to Jacksonville State Prison (AEW), but more likely she'll go to Stamford Penitentiary (WWE) for two years and an option for three. Bravo says as long as she doesn't get sent to Baltimore. Sick burn on ROH by Bravo.

Rosemary confronts Taya near the exist as she's about to leave. She wants to know why Taya didn't tell her about what she did. Taya says she doesn't know, but being friends with Rosemary was one of her biggest accomplishments here. Rosemary gives her a big hug before security drags her out the door.

Crazzy Steve consoles Rosemary, who says, "This is why we don't have friends. Never works out well for us, doesn't it? Does that frighten you?" Steve says it excites him and they hug too. This was a shockingly touching segment all around. Well done. I hope Taya doesn't go to WWE and get buried.

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