X-Files: Chris Carter Not Getting Hopes Up Over US Govt's UFO Report

If there's anyone who has anything to say about the US government's report on UFOs on June 25, it would be The X-Files creator and executive producer Chris Carter. The series, which originally ran from 1993-2002 and two rival seasons in 2016 and 2018, followed the adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), an intuitive investigator and believer in conspiracy theories, and his skeptic partner Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), a doctor originally sent to debunk his work. Together, they explore the abandoned paranormal cases from the bureau with subjects ranging from UFOs and the supernatural. Carter penned an op-ed to the New York Times (via TVLine) concerning a declassified report on unidentified aerial phenomena expected to be released to Congress.

The X-Files: David Duchovny Could Care Less About Your Conspiracies
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Carter maintains the reports won't contain any definitive findings "and the portions that remain classified will only fuel more conspiracy theories," he writes. "This is X-Files territory if there ever was any. But it's also a cause for some important questions." As conspiracies have taken a life on its own in the social media age, the creator remains as resolute as he ever was since the show's premiere on Fox. "The plot of The X-Files was built on a conspiracy theory: The government is lying to you about the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials," he continues. "Do I believe the government lies to us? Absolutely. I'm a child of Watergate. Do I believe in conspiracies? Certainly. Will the new report, or any government report, give us clear answers? I'm as skeptical now as I've ever been."

The 2016 X-Files revival updated the series to reflect on more contemporary times in the age of smartphones and social media with the introduction of an online conspiratorial pundit played by Joel McHale. The bulk of the series brought back the oddity of the week as fans were used to with another eye to the greater arc of Mulder and Scully's child, which she had to give up as it possessed abilities their pursuers would be after led by the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis).

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