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Prodigal Son Episode 15 “Death’s Door”
As for Prodigal Son? If this was ten years earlier, it would be more alarming- but in 2021, it's almost weird to not see someone with more than one show on the air. ©2021 Fox Media LLC Cr: Phil Caruso/FOX The third season was well-received by viewers and critics alike, with NPR calling it "more entertaining than[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen season 1 episode 3 Challenges Dessert Detectives
This week, we're back in Fox's Crime Scene Kitchen with the first group of dessert detectives, which consists of Vegas pastry pros Luis & Natalie, culinary school friends Thuy-Linh & Jay, military vets turned pastry chefs Erinn & Amanda, and of course, the two Mother-child teams: Caroline & Carolyn and Thomas & Cathy[...]
Housebroken Needs To Play Around More With Dark Humor: Review
FOX's new series HouseBroken had its second episode premiere on Monday night and there are signs the show is growing but it does so with some lack of consistent style The episode, "Who did this?", includes a couple of storylines that dive into Chico & Lyle's opposite yet chaotic cat lives, Diablo's adjustment to a[...]
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Preview: Young Guns Face First Dinner Service
Last week brought a new twist to FOX's long-running cooking competition series, with Chef Gordon Ramsay back in Las Vegas for Season 20: Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns This time around, 18 aspiring chefs (all age 23 or younger) will be put through rigorous culinary challenges that grow in difficulty with each passing week And when[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Second Week Premiere Brings New Mysteries
Rounding out the last of this season's teams are Lorie & Jason, husband and wife cooks, and Anthony & Natasha, friends and pastry chefs. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC CR: Michael Becker/FOX. For the first round, everyone went for cannoli…except for Anthony & Natasha, who went with donuts, another popular fried and chocolate-dipped dessert[...]
A Love Letter To Bob's Burgers: The Series That Saved My Life
Source: FOX It took me a moment to get into the series, but once I did I was able to take a moment and sit down to actually take it all in There was an odd but incredibly loving family on my TV, reminding me of laughter and distracting my mind As I viewed the seasons,[...]
The X-Files: Gillian Anderson Reveals "Mini Breakdowns" During Filming
Gillian Anderson is well-aware of her status as a pop culture icon leaving her mark on the Fox sci-fi series The X-Files as FBI agent Dana Scully for 11 seasons from its original nine-season run in the 1990s to the revival in 2016 and 2018 Unfortunately, her time on the revival left her worse for[...]
Housebroken: If The Secret Life Of Pets Went Rogue & Explicit: Review
The premiere of FOX's new adult animated series, HouseBroken, gave audiences a glimpse at the lineup for summer now that some shows, such as The Great North and Bob's Burgers, have ended their current seasons The story of a misfit group of pets attempting therapy sessions has come to the small screen and it has a lot of[...]
hell's kitchen
So with the new season set to kick off tonight with "Young Guns Come Out Shooting," here's a look at some faces viewers will get to know this season- at least for a little while. Image: FOX TV Image: FOX TV Image: FOX TV On Monday, May 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), hit culinary competition HELL'S KITCHEN returns for its[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen is a Dessert Detective's Delight
No, nobody's been murdered (apart from maybe some eggs) on FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen, but this kitchen is a crime scene that the teams of bakers-turned-CSIs have to decipher in order to re-create the dessert that was made Teams of two compete in two rounds to piece together the clues to bake the top-tier dessert[...]
Prodigal Son
If you've been following our coverage of FOX's Michael Sheen and Tom Payne-starring Prodigal Son since it was officially canceled by the network, then you know that we've been on this drive to get the series a third season at a new home Along with Sheen and Payne, the series boasts an impressive ensemble cast that[...]
Auto Draft
With only hours to go until Black Swan, Chameleon, and Piglet take the stage for a "Finale" that will crown a Season 5 champion, FOX's The Masked Singer is offering viewers two new looks at the season finale Host Nick Cannon, panelists Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, and Season 4 winner and[...]
the masked singer
After a season like no other, FOX's The Masked Singer is down to its final three: Black Swan, Chameleon, and Piglet That means last week saw Yeti aka Omarion saying goodbye to the masked singing competition series- and taking Donnie Wahlberg's Cluedle Doo along with him Now with the "Finale" upon us, host Nick Cannon, panelists[...]