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The X-Files: David Duchovny Could Care Less About Your Conspiracies
If there's anyone who has anything to say about the US government's report on UFOs on June 25, it would be The X-Files creator and executive producer Chris Carter The series, which originally ran from 1993-2002 and two rival seasons in 2016 and 2018, followed the adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), an[...]
The panel? The X-Files at NYCC The guests? David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The X-Files @ NYCC 2013 (Image: Screencap) Now that we got the set up we can proceed with the roast Growing up my best friend was obsessed with Agent Fox Mulder I remember always wondering who that was until the day she introduced me to[...]
wandavision - Kat Dennings and Randall Park
Since their full introduction in last week's episode "We Interrupt This Program" (though both characters had developed a cult following based n their past respective film appearances), Lewis and Woo have seen their popularity grow by leaps and bounds. WandaVision _ Disney+ 0-21 screenshot At the end of January, actor/director Stephen Ford (Teen Wolf, SIXERS) took to[...]
The X-Files (Image: FOXTV)
As a long-running fan of The X-Files, I will readily admit that when some mentions "new series," a number of very legit jokes come to mind Will we get yet another answer to what happened with Mulder's (David Duchovny) sister? Will the series copy the show's last return and burn out by the end of[...]
'Doctor Who' Confidential [Part 1: TV]: Pop Culture's Secret Time Lords Exposed!
Heck, most characters don't go from Law & Order to The X-Files to 30Rock. https://youtu.be/Wj-G164GED0Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: John Munch is in everything (https://youtu.be/Wj-G164GED0) Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg): First appearing in Star Trek: The Next Generation – She's from an alien race that travels through space and time, knows all sorts of things about the[...]
Project Bluebook
The team will of course be comprised of one skeptic and another individual who is more open to alternative explanations. Chris Carter's X-Files is of course the benchmark at this point, but 15 years prior, in 1978, there had been another series, Project U.F.O (alternatively called Project Blue Book, depending on where you saw it), and[...]
What's In The Box?!: Loot Crate DX – September 2018
We loved this item, and we encourage you to not NOT it for anything criminal. Next up is a stand-alone item as you get an X-Files dimensional poster Basically, it's Mulder's "I Want To Believe" poster made into a plastic stand, but it has a 3D UFO that you insert into it so that the[...]
X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #2 cover by Catherine Nodet
Mulder goes out to the trailer park where the sheriff claims meth is made. X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #2 cover by Catherine Nodet Florida Man #2 is oddly conventional ending for an X-Files story Things aren't as out there as they normally are, yet it hits the plot beats that you would expect That's not to[...]
X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #1 cover Catherine Nodet
The trail becomes more treacherous when they stumble across a domestic situation. X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #1 cover Catherine Nodet I won't lie, the idea of focusing on the "Florida Man" idea seemed silly to me To its credit, X-Files leans into it somewhat, with the duo making more wisecracks and glib observations than usual. In the[...]