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test 30
test 30, a bold new direction.
test 27
here we go again. the quick brown fox. and etc.
test 23
test 23, in a long series of tests.
test 18
this is another test. but it's monday.
test 13
... of still an awful lot of tests.
BC Mag #5: Vintage Paper Chase
Bleeding Cool Magazine article excerpt by Mark Seifert & William A. Christensen “One” isn’t the loneliest number when it comes to comic book collecting.
BC Mag #5: Frank Cho Gallery
Bleeding Cool Magazine article excerpt by Rich Johnston Welcome to the Frank Cho gallery. No other name in comics simultaneously evokes the same reverence
BC Mag #5: Rocketing Spirits
Bleeding Cool Magazine article excerpt by James Kuhoric There have been many famous combinations over the years - peanut butter and jelly, Hall and Oats,
BC Mag #5: Wolverine Set Report
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Brendon Connelly I’ve never been a sun chaser, always happier in the shade, and I’m actually quite fond of snow. Late