Approaching Brad Pitt To Play Cerebus

1db90182-6de8-4894-8f61-e83bd8e42309So, the ongoing saga of the Cerebus CGI animated feature film currently being created, with the co-operation of creator Dave Sim, with the proviso that he is likely not to allow it to be released. Yet people are still putting money into it, spending thousands of hours and hiring the best to work on it.

And it seems the latest name to be mentioned is Brad Pitt.

Admittedly by Dave Sim. He wrote,

So, we'll have a completed film, from which we'll transcribe a script and then circulate the script as far and wide as possible to see who is interested in voicing whom (the exact opposite of how animated movies are made where the voices come early in the process).  We're talking YEARS from now (how many years, we don't know) so it's very possible that the voice actors and voice actresses are complete unknowns right now but could be very hot properties in 2019, 2020, 2021.  If there is "buzz" about the movie, all we would need is one major name and that will probably lead to another major name and another major name and then we have The Big Mo when we look for a distributor.

Put another way:  Jeff Seiler?  If Brad Pitt wants to BE Elrod, your voice work is TOAST.

One week later…

Even as I was typing "Brad Pitt" last week, I was thinking, "mm. You might not want to do that."  Oh, yeah, right, I thought.

Anyway less than 24 hours later, CEREBUS: FRACTURED DESTINY Director Oliver Simonsen had faxed me a relay from one of his Hollywood investor cohorts (who will be nameless):

"Well, since you mentioned Brad Pitt in a recent post, I know Dede Gardner, for instance. When can we have a conference call with Dave regarding these matters?"

Leading Sim to respond…

WAY too premature for a conference call. Brad Pitt would definitely be at the top of my short list for CEREBUS' voice based on his voicing [what I should have said was 'acting chops'] the 70-year old man who "youthens" in the adaptation of Scott Fitzgerald's BENJAMIN BUTTON and the fact that Cerebus is different ages in FRACTURED DESTINY.

Why don't you get me an address for Mr. [name withheld] and I'll send him an autographed copy of the CEREBUS trade personalized for Mr. Pitt and…for good measure…a picture of Mr. Pitt as an aardvark in his O*c*r winning role in 37 YEARS AN AARDVARK that he can take over to [production company]personally?

And that is what he is now doing… a Brad Pitt Cerebus for Brad Pitt…

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