Beatrix Rose Comes to Comics via Stephanie Phillips, Valeria Favoccia

Beatrix Rose is a spy-turned-assassin from book series by Mark Dawson, currently in development for a TV show. A book series is like a comic book series but without the pictures. But soon she will have the pictures too, because Amazon ComiXology is producing a new 5-issue comic by writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Valeria Favoccia, colorist Ellie Wright, letterer Saida Temofonte, editor Erica Schultz, and cover artist Adrianna Melo called Beatrix Rose: Vigilante. The first issue is hitting Amazon's digital stores next week, July 12th.

Here's some more info on Beatrix Rose: Vigilante from the press release:

As the most dangerous member in the British Intelligence Group 15, Beatrix Rose isn't the kind of person you want to upset. When she's ambushed and betrayed by her team, she's driven underground and plans for revenge. Years later, she emerges as an assassin for hire in the Hong Kong underworld.

When a mysterious vigilante known only as "Yaomo," or "Demon" in English, begins terrorizing the Triad in Hong Kong, killing many high-ranking bosses, Beatrix Rose is hired to eliminate the problem. But when Beatrix discovers who the vigilante is she is forced to decide just how far is too far for revenge.

About the new series, Mark Dawson said the following:

I've been thrilled to see Beatrix brought to life in this fantastic adventure. She has gone into hiding in the Hong Kong underworld and there are a whole host of stories to be told about those missing years. This story, featuring a new character who really takes Beatrix to the limit, is one that I don't think readers will be able to put down. I loved it.

And Stephanie Phillps said:

It's an honor to bring Mark Dawson's Beatrix Rose to comic book form with artist Valeria Favoccia and colorist Ellie Wright. Beatrix is a complicated character with more layers than your typical secret agent. While we explore Beatrix's tragic past and how she plans to spend her future, I also wanted to bring my own martial arts background to the fight choreography and work with Valeria and Ellie to create unique and dramatic fight sequences in every issue of the story.

Beatrix Rose: Vigilante #1 will be available next week to read at no additional cost for subscribers to Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and ComiXology Unlimited.

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