Could Avengers #35 Give The Biggest Clue To What Happens After Time Runs Out? (BIG SPOILERS)

Okay, so the DC/Marvel crossover is a longshot.

But Avengers #35 gives us plenty of ideas as to what is happening in Marvel's imminent future. And maybe what happens after Time Runs Out. So what do we have?


Well, his one is a thrown away like. That Ex Nihilo has "twinned" Earth. Could this be a spare back up Earth, if Marvel were to consider resetting continuity, but destroying the current Earth and bringing this one in t replace it? If so, collectors might want to look at the most recent Avengers #1 that first introduced this Maker….

Image (42)

Someone bought AIM…

Image (43)

But also, considering we have Starbrand and Nightmask so prominently here, could that new world be… a New Universe?

And here is where it really gets spoilery.

slott spoiler

Is this evidence of a destroyed Fantastic Four? Maybe a Fantastic Four that no longer have their own title, as reported earlier by Bleeding Cool and CBR?

Image (44)

We have a few months to find out!

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting the Scene & Heard collection, with Gerry Duggan signing next Wednesday.



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