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Doctor Doom And Molecule Man On 'How Not To Lose' As Time Runs Out
Creating a "life raft" for the world's greatest scientists so that, even as our Earth is destroyed in conflict, humanity this version of humanity – will continue to exist in some form somewhere else. Who knew that that whole Time Runs Out incursions was a cosmic version of that exact same thing? Because in today's New Avengers[...]
Secret Wars #1 Sells 500,000 And The End Of The 616 – Really?
Even when they did away with the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, it was done with magic and memory, everything still happened, people just remember it all differently. But, since Bleeding Cool ran the first Time Runs Out story we have been pointing out that Marvel have been teasing the idea of a reboot[...]
Could Time Runs Out 'Quarantine' The Fantastic Four And X-Men?
He writes, So what if "Time Runs Out"/"Time is Broken" ends up revealing that there was an in-universe reasdon for the sliding timeline? And just for controversy… What if the "reboot" involves the sliding timeline being broken For some people FF and X-Men debut in the 60s Most are dead now Avengers formed 5 years ago. It could[...]
The Future Of Reed Richards – Shaving Foam Runs Out
Because the moment they get back together she'll just make his beard invisible again and then what's the point, you might as well just shave it off… Time Runs Out? Beard Runs Out is more….Shaving form, razors and aftershave run out is more likely. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. With a Gerry Duggan signing today, and the continuing Scene[...]
No, Marvel Are Not Doing A Reboot. But They Really Want You To Think They Are
When we first broke the news that Marvel had announced to retailers the Time Runs Out crossover/event of next year, Bleeding Cool reported that they suggested to retailers that this might be a reboot event of Marvel continuity.   A destruction of worlds and a birth of a new world Certainly that's what a number of retailers[...]
Time Runs Out – And Blows Up Squadron Supreme (UPDATE)
UPDATE: Marvel's latest teaser for Axis… It's all the same thing now really. Now, where were we? Oh yes…. Here's a look ahead at the Time Runs Out issues of Avengers and New Avengers, in which the stories jump forward Eight Months Later. So what do we know? Well, both Unworthy Thor and Hawkeye appear to have lost[...]
Marvel Comics' The Avengers To Publish Its Final Issue With #44 In April 2015
November sees the publication of Avengers #38 with this listing. AVENGERS #38 JONATHAN HICKMAN (W) • STEFANO CASELLI (A) Cover by BRANDON PETERSON ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT VARIANT BY TBA IN 6 MONTHS…TIME RUNS OUT! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 Six months would lead to April, with the publication of Avengers #44 But how literally should we take this? Because Marvel have announced to[...]
Marvel Comics' Time Runs Out – A Cover Dissection (UPDATE)
So, Time Runs Out, coming from the mind of Jonathan Hickman (and first seen online on Bleeding Cool) to a comic store near you in September, as Avengers and New Avengers jump forward eight months until the DC Band Aid… No, sorry, sorry, getting confused again We start with Avengers…. That's Thor wielding the Dwarven forged Jarnbjorn[...]