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The Cory Smith main cover to Avengers #45, by Jason Aaron and Luca Maresca, in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021.
But what do comic book superheroes do on their downtime? This preview of Avengers #45 aims to answer that question… just before "the years's most epic event explodes," even though the last most epic event, King in Black, just barely finished Enjoy that downtime while it lasts, Avengers The house of "ideas" is only just[...]
The Marco Checchetto main cover to Captain Marvel #28, by Kelly Thompson and Jacopo Camagni, in stores from Marvel Comics on April 21st, 2021
A new issue of Captain Marvel hits stores next week from Marvel Comics, and let us tell you, Carol Danvers is still hung up on this whole "I murder the Avengers" thing Here in this preview of Captain Marvel #28, you can see that Carol is still obsessing over it But why is it such[...]
Avengers #8 CGC Copy On Auction Today At Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions Sponsored Post Now is the time to start gobbling up copies of Avengers #8 This is the first appearance of Kang, who is looking at some real big plans in the MCU if rumors are to be believed We know he will be the baddie in the next Ant-Man film, but bigger things are[...]
World War She-Hulk Begins in July From Marvel Comics
And in July, World War She-Hulk will be kicking off in Avengers #46 from Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón Oh and a few Russians about to be seen in the Black Widow movie too. World War She-Hulk Begins in July From Marvel Comics Marvel Comics states that "beginning in Avengers #46, World War She-Hulk will bring Jennifer[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations And Solicits
Heroes Reborn is a new Avengers-focussed event from Jason Aaron running through May and June Heroes Reborn #1 is going to FOC tonight Which is possibly how we have found ourself with a few teaing spoilers Nothing, I think, that will ruin the comic But might give you a greater idea of the world that[...]
Hawkeye logo (Image: Disney+/Marvel Studios)
In the comics, Echo would be the first to hold the title of Ronin before the role was passed onto Barton (the same role Renner's Barton would play on the big screen at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame– a costume that Renner was reportedly wearing on set recently, which the actor shared a teaser image[...]
King In Black #5 Review: Overwrought
The works and machinations of Avengers, X-Men, gods, and heroes … pfah It's all unimportant as a symbiote from an earlier age (which was too short and too undeveloped a twist to build on itself) steps forth and kind of just marches through wildly implausible symbolic gestures (Paul Bettany knows what we're talking about here)[...]
Avengers #44 Review: Wildly Nonsensical
That conflict comes to an end in Avengers #44 with results that at best could be considered baffling and at worst could be considered insipid. Avengers #44 Cover Credit: Marvel Captain America vs Black Panther! Black Widow vs Shanna the She-Devil! Namor vs She-Hulk! All of this ultimately pointless pugilism happens while Thor grapples with a terrifying revelation[...]
Falcon and Winter Soldier: Adepero Oduye on Sarah Wilson’s Blip Issues
Introduced early in the series, we see the real life-inspired struggles emotionally and financially as well as the subsequent ramifications people still have to deal with that not even the Avengers as Sam finds out can handle As brother and sister trying to keep their family from falling apart, the two apply for a loan[...]
Jason Aaron & Iban Coello Create Marvel FCBD Gold Avengers/Hulk #1
We knew it was to be called Avengers/Hulk #1, but now we also know that the writer will be current Avengers writer Jason Aaron and drawn by current Venom artist Iban Coello. Might this suggest that Jason Aaron will be staying on Avengers after Heroes Reborn and Heroes Return? And more tales of the Avenger Prime?[...]
New Phoenix Of The Marvel Universe, Revealed (Avengers #44 Spoilers)
The tournament between qualifying heroes did not go the way tournaments usually go, but a winner was chosen. Avengers #44   And as is traditional, the identity was accidentally leaked by Marvel's PR folk, last week. Avengers #44 Created by David Mack and Joe Quesada for Daredevil in 1999, Echo is a Cheyenne deaf superhero and Avenger. Avengers #44 Maya Lopez – Echo – possesses[...]
A New Nation For The Vampires of the Marvel Universe?
The spoils of war? After all, if mutants can have their own nation, can vampires do the same, with a land still radioactive and dangerous to humans? Look to Avengers #45 for this to continue And might Donny Cates have a Blade comic book in him? It would fit his nineties' aesthetic… AVENGERS #45 KIB MARVEL COMICS FEB210490 (W) Jason[...]
Leinil Francis Yu's cover to Avengers #44, by Jason Aaron and Javi Garron, in stores from Marvel Comics on April 7th, 2021.
In this preview of Avengers #44 from Marvel Comics, Captain America has a problem He is experiencing a burning sensation, and he doesn't know what to do He looks for help from his friend, the Black Panther, but the Panther is feeling it too And worse: he likes it! Ew! Is there an outbreak at[...]