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Black Panther Receives New Marvel Studios Iron Studios MiniCo Statue
Earlier today, we saw that Iron Studios is celebrating Avengers: Infinity Saga with a brand new Black Panther 1/10 Art Scale statue It now looks like that same design is getting Iron Studios unique MiniCo treatment with a new hand-painted PVC statue King T'Challa is displayed on a craved panther rock base as the hero[...]
Black Panther Avengers: Infinity Saga Statue Debuts from Iron Studios
The Legacy of the Black Panther continues to live on as Iron Studios reveals their newest Avengers: Infinity Saga statue Standing 10" tall, King T'Challa shows off his love for Wakanda with the iconic Wakanda Forever pose as he stands on a themed base The statue will be hand-painted, limited edition, and will have LED[...]
Cover image for Avengers Forever #2
Welcome to Friday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Black Skull removes Ghost Rider's driving foot in this preview of Avengers Forever #2, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics Check out the preview below. Avengers Forever #2 by Jason Aaron & Aaron Kuder, cover by Aaron[...]
Cover image for Avengers #52
You should never let the Avengers babysit your child, as this preview of Avengers #52 demonstrates Check out the preview below. Avengers #52 by Jason Aaron & Juan Frigeri, cover by Javier Garron THE ALL-NEW MASTERS OF EVIL ARE HERE! The Death Hunt continues as super-psychopaths the Black Skull and Ghost Goblin invade New York City to slaughter[...]
Cover image for Savage Avengers #28
Savage Avengers comes to an end with Savage Avengers #28 on Wednesday, lasting about 27 issues longer than anyone thought it would Check out the preview below. Savage Avengers #28 by Gerry Duggan & Patch Zircher, cover by Valerio Giangiordano All good things must come to an end This volume of SAVAGE AVENGERS concludes after an epic 28-chapter[...]
The Avengers #4 (Marvel, 1964)
 Cover-dated March 1964, Avengers #4 by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and inked by George Roussos helped cement the Avengers as one of Marvel's strongest franchises and confirmed the enduring popularity of the patriotic character who has since become one of comics' icons A perenially in-demand and important key comic book, there's nicely-presenting mid-grade Avengers #4 (Marvel, 1964)[...]
Avengers Vs Eternals Vs X-Men - Judgment Day Confirmed For 2022
Well, despite the mention in Marvel's Previews of an X-Men crossover with Eternals called Judgement Day it's actually to be an X-Men/Eternal/Avengers crossover called Judgment Day More Avengers, and one fewer 'E' in the title And confirmed by Marvel Comics. Marvel's plans for March include a new Eternals #10 by Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic that Marvel has described as a[...]
X-Men The Trial Of Magneto #4 Review: Exhausting
Credit: Marvel Comics The Avengers are visiting Krakoa with the goal of bringing back the dead body of Wanda Maximoff, murdered in the closing moments of the Hellfire Gala Wanda Maximoff, inconveniently, is not dead in a very big way Oh, then giant monsters attack the island There are also variants of Wanda wandering around and[...]
Full Marvel Comics March 2022 Solicits And Solicitations
SILVA CARNAGE FOREVER VARIANT COVER BY MIKE ALLRED "Brother Against Brother" • One of the most pivotal planets in the Marvel Universe faces imminent destruction. • Jennifer Walters, the Sensational SHE-HULK, finally learns her part in this chaos. • And in the middle of all of this carnage, two lifelong friends will have a battle to the death – prepare[...]
Avengers Explores The Madness Of The Multiverse
Avengers time! The synergy of Marvel Comics and the MCU continues apace, courtesy of Marvel Comics editorial finally being allowed to know what's happening in the TV and movies ahead of time So as What If, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange And The Madness Of The Multiverse explore and expand parallel versions of[...]
We've got Thor, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow, and Hawkeye Episodes 1-5 Of course, if you're looking to cram all of that in before the newest episode drops then you're going to need a little more than 18 hours (or 1,082 minutes)… and apparently, a TARDIS[...]
Get Ready for Avengers vs. Eternals, True Believers
You haven't really made it in the Marvel superhero team business until you've had an "Avengers vs." crossover Just look at how big the X-Men have become after that fateful 2012 super-mega-crossover event Avengers vs X-Men that saw the two teams go to war over Captain America's desire to imprison a teenager on the moon[...]
Cover image for Avengers: Tech-On #5
Tony Stark has put some serious DRM on his friends armor in this preview of Avengers: Tech-On #5 Are microtransactions next? Check out the preview below. Avengers: Tech-On #5 MARVEL COMICS OCT210916 OCT210917 – AVENGERS TECH-ON #5 (OF 6) MOMOKO VAR – $3.99 (W) Jim Zub (A) Chamba (CA) Eiichi Shimizu A kaiju-sized Scream symbiote is on a rampage, and the[...]
Cover image for Avengers Forever #1
Tony Stark is back on the sauce in this preview of Avengers Forever #1 He's so drunk he thinks he's Ant-Man! Check out the preview below. Avengers Forever #1 MARVEL COMICS OCT210783 OCT210784 – AVENGERS FOREVER #1 SCALERA VAR – $4.99 OCT210786 – AVENGERS FOREVER #1 DAUTERMAN VAR – $4.99 (W) Jason Aaron (A / CA) Aaron Kuder AN ALL-NEW SERIES STARRING[...]
Cover image for Avengers #51
The Phoenix has come to Asgard in this preview of Avengers #51, in stores Wednesday, but it doesn't look like it's for a festive holiday gathering Check out the preview below. Avengers #51 MARVEL COMICS OCT210912 OCT210913 – AVENGERS #51 HITCH VAR – $3.99 OCT210914 – AVENGERS #51 WOODS DEVILS REIGN VILLAIN VAR – $3.99 OCT210915 – AVENGERS #51 LIEFELD DEADPOOL[...]