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Marvel To Give Away Free Avengers #750 Sketchbooks To Comic Shops
Bleeding Cool just looked at the upcoming Avengers #750 and Avengers Forever #1 and the way they may be reflecting the current What If…? TV series on Disney+ Well, Marvel Comics does want to have an impact when the comics hit, and right now has told retailers signed up to Penguin Random House for distribution[...]
What Does Marvel's Avengers Forever Tell Us About Upcoming What If?
Comic book Jason Aaron has been going all out on parallel universes in his current run on the Avengers comic book From a parallel dimensional Heroes Reborn universe event, to the Free Comic Book Day reveal of the Avenger Prime diving into one dimension to another, while a new Multiversal Masters of Evil gathers, with[...]
X-Men The Trial Of Magneto #2 Review: A Big, Splashy Mess
Instead of coming through a gate, the Avengers have flown to Krakoa (instead of coming through a gate, as they did for the Hellfire Gala) to bring back Wanda's body This was approved for some reason, despite gigantic efforts to keep the concept of mutant resurrection a secret Where is Wanda's body? Oh, it's where[...]
An in November that means re-running more of his pandemic conspiracy strips, and a peculiar take on Avengers #221. CORONAVIRUS BOOK ONE SHOT AARDVARK VANAHEIM OCT211069 (W) David Birdsong, Dave Sim (CA) David Birdsong (A / CA) Gustave Dore, Dave Sim, Benjamin Hobbs Double-Sized Issue! This "Generic Comic Book" parody originally appeared online and now incorporates on the cover an[...]
Avengers Forever #1 cover by Aaron Kuder
Last week Marvel Comics announced a new series called Avengers Forever, by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder, or Jason Aaron Kuder, rehashing the fondly-remembered 1998 series of the same name by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, and Carlos Pacheco, and thus satisfying the House of Ideas requirement of being one Joe Quesada's 22 Cheap Sales-Boosting Gimmicks[...]
M.A.X. Yearbook #nn (Marvel, 1993) CGC NM/MT 9.8 White pages
The Marvel Avengers/X-Men (MAX) Yearbook from 1993 was intended to celebrate 30 years of the X-Men and Avengers with 32 pages of pin-up artwork of both X-Men and Avengers with no advertisements It includes work by Andy Kubert, Joe Quesada, SJB Jones, Bob Dvorak, Steve Epting, Tom Palmer, Matthew Ryan, Bob Larkin, Lou Harrison, Mark[...]
Marvel Announces Avengers Forever From Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder
"In Marvel Comics' 'Avengers Forever',  @jasonaaron and @AaronKuder present an all-new series that will redefine the Avengers as…the Multiverse's Mightiest Heroes #MarvelComics"  Jason Aaron has been writing the Avengers series for many years now, expanding the roster in the type of Marvel character who can be an Avenger, as well as writing a long storyline with Mephisto revealed[...]
Avengers #9 featuring the debut of Wonder Man, Marvel 1964.
There have been an awful lot of characters called Wonder Man in the history of comic books.  My personal favorite happens to be the version that sparked one of the comics industry's most historically important lawsuits in 1939.  But it's indisputable that the version that debuted in Avengers #9 from Marvel in 1964 is the[...]
Cover image for AVENGERS #48
Avengers #48 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, but before then, there's this preview, in which we find Gorilla Man, perhaps feeling a little bit of guilt over betraying the Avengers, looking to end his own immortal life provided someone in a villainous dive bar can take it from him But when commie[...]
Firat Look at Avengers #50
In November, Marvel will publish Avengers #50 – also known as Avengers #750 – because that's what they do these days From Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder, we saw the new Masters Of Evil in the Free Comic Book Day 2021 comic book – now available free digitally – and it looks as if their[...]
Marvel Heroes Don't Care if You're Vaxxed, But They Do Like Papusas
This campaign symbolizes where art meets purpose and shows that people nationwide can come together and build community, and look together to the future. But in a surprising twist, in the comic, which is available at somosvaccinations.com, The Avengers appear but do not actually endorse vaccination one way or the other Instead, a woman is seen[...]
Interior preview page from THOR #16
Infinity Stones time! Today sees the publication of Avengers Annual #1 and Thor #16 Bleeding Cool went in a deep dive the other week looking at the Infinite Destinies Annuals, recent issues of Black Cat and dreams of Thor And in today's Thor #16, that dream of the future is revisited. Thor #16 Thor's eventual death in[...]
Batman Superman
Only one central Krakoan X-Men comic out today, Wolverine #, but there's also plenty in Cable Reloaded #1, a note in Marvel's Voices: Identity #1 and something of comparison in Avengers Annual #1 Cable Reloaded #1 sees Cable off the Krakoan plantation and visiting other worlds to steal stuff… for Krakoa Which means he needs a[...]
what if
Now, Gregg is opening up to EW about what it was like returning to the role, how he approached an animated Coulson, what he believes Coulson's been up to, and what his thoughts are on those rumors of Coulson's return in an upcoming MCU project. Image: ABC Gregg's Reaction to Coulson's "What If…?" Return: "It's not just[...]