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Interior preview page from AVENGERS INC #3 DANIEL ACUNA COVER
This week, we're checking into Valhalla – talk about an afterlife vacation hotspot—with Avengers Inc #3 Mark your calendars, it's dropping this Wednesday, November 22nd, so you can have something to read while avoiding awkward family conversations during Thanksgiving. DIAL V FOR VALKYRIE! Her name is Janet Van Dyne She's got a personal invite from Jane[...]
Interior preview page from UNCANNY AVENGERS #4 JAVIER GARRON COVER
Well, well, well, if it isn't time for the Uncanny Avengers to play musical chairs with their allegiances once more Uncanny Avengers #4 drops this Wednesday, and it looks like the ol' "enemy of my enemy is my friend" cliché is rearing its head again And just when you thought the Avengers' dance card was[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS #7 STUART IMMONEN COVER
It feels like the comic industry just loves to keep throwing us off balance, doesn't it? Just when you thought you knew everything about good old Earth and its heroes, Marvel decides to deliver an existential crisis to our beloved Avengers in issue #7 this Wednesday, November 1st Cool, Marvel, real cool. ALL-NEW STORY ARC STARTS[...]
LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red Clip: Sorry, Hydra – U Can't Touch Them
After the release of a teaser key art poster, an official trailer, an overview, and some sneak previews, we know what to expect from LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red when it premieres on Disney+ screens this Friday Apparently, the Avengers are celebrating another win over Hydra when Black Widow's dad, The Red Guardian, vanishes[...]
But now, we have a few more clues to what we can expect when LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red premieres on Disney+ screens later this week In the two sneak previews below, we learn from the caption to the videos that the animated adventure that "The Avengers are celebrating their latest victory over Hydra when their[...]
Avengers: Code Red
But now, with LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red set to hit Disney+ screens later this week, LEGO and Marvel Studios are giving us a chance to learn more with the release of an official trailer – and that's it No official overview, cast listing, or things like that But what we do know is that[...]
Interior preview page from UNCANNY AVENGERS #3 JAVIER GARRON COVER
Are we all comfortably seated on the edge? Good, because Uncanny Avengers #3, hitting stores on Wednesday, October 25th, is promising drama, death, and… probably another resurrection two issues down, given the way these things go Brace yourselves as the Unity Squad squares off against the Mutant Liberation Front Someone's going to bite the dust,[...]
The Avengers Come to Enso Rings with New Heroic Ring Collection 
The Avengers has arrived with an impressive set of Etched Silicone Rings, featuring some of your favorite Marvel superheroes: Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk! Six rings have been revealed and will feature some iconic designs that combine the strength and unity of the Avengers with the comfort and durability of Enso Rings signature[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS INC. #2 DANIEL ACUNA COVER
"Avengers Inc #2" is set to hit every comic book store on Wednesday, October 18th Put it this way: if you're a fan of ghost hunts with a twist of synthetic inhumanity, you're in for a body-snatching treat However, it comes with its fair share of eye-rolling tropes Allow me to illuminate with the official[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS #6 STUART IMMONEN COVER
This week, we've got our hands on "Avengers #6" (Pause here for nonexistent applause). Here's what Marvel promises this issue delivers: The Avengers' battle with the Ashen Combine comes to a head – and one will fall But will the Impossible City fall with them, and what kind of doom might fall upon the Earth as a[...]
Top 10 Bleeding Cool Comic Book Bestseller List – 30th September 2023
These numbers are based on sales in-store, not orders.     No. Title Publisher Writer Artist Price Ratio 1. Ultimate Invasion #4 Marvel Jonathan Hickman Bryan Hitch 8.99 100 2. Immortal Thor #2 Marvel Al Ewing Martin Coccolo 4.99 92.0 3. Flash #1 DC Si Spurrier Mike Deodato Jr 4.99 78.5 4. Invincible Iron Man #10 Marvel Gerry Duggan Juan Frigeri 4.99 77.5 5. Void Rivals #4 Image Robert Kirkman Lorenzo De Felici, Matheus Lopes 3.99 75.0 6. Avengers #5 Marvel Jed Mackay C.F[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 PACO MEDINA COVER
Alright folks, brace yourselves for the upcoming comic book (I'm using that term loosely here), Avengers Annual #1, which will hit your local comic stores, whether you like it or not, on Wednesday, September 27th Marvel's solicit contains this piece of prose: CONTEST OF CHAOS FINALE! When Agatha pits the Avengers against the winners of the[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS #5 STUART IMMONEN COVER
Behold, mortal readers, is the coming of Avengers #5, hitting the shelves of your second-rate comic book stores on the ordained day of Wednesday, September 27th Look upon its mighty synopsis and despair: Battle zone: Vatican City God vs living godhead as Thor battles Idol Alabaster Battle zone: Sydney Witch vs revenant as the Scarlet Witch[...]
Interior preview page from UNCANNY AVENGERS #2 JAVIER GARRON COVER
So, it's another End-of-the-World-Wednesday, and bearing the weight of existential dread for your reading pleasure is Marvel's latest epic, Uncanny Avengers #2, hitting the shelves on September 20th The synopsis promises us a frothing-at-the-mouth hot new romance, Evil Mutants, and the absence of Bubble Gum. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is back… and here I was[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS INC. #1 DANIEL ACUNA COVER
Avengers Inc #1, hitting your wallet by Wednesday, September 13th, promises us more of the same classic Marvel antics, with the added pinch of melodramatic theatrics Ah, I can't even contain my enthusiasm What are you up to this time, Janet Van Dyne? Saving the world by day, playing Sherlock Holmes by night, hunting a[...]
The Avengers Assemble at RSVLTS with New Marvel Comics Collection 
Some of our favorite Avengers have arrived, capturing plenty of heroics, superhero origins, and some iconic logos Up first is Fight to the Finish, which is a montage of the Avengers from comic book titles, the heroes in action, and so much more This black button-down is jam-packed with heroics that will make you feel[...]
Printwatch: Cull, Dark X-Men, Avengers, Venomverse & Power Rangers
And that lie will change their lives forever.In Shops: Sep 13, 2023 Final Orders Due: Aug 20, 2023 SRP: $3.99 MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #111 2ND PTG MORA BOOM! STUDIOS JUL238035 (W) Melissa Flores (A) Simona Di Gianfelice (CA) Dan Mora In the kickoff of this monumental 12-month event, Mistress Vile has won, or so it seems, with control of[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS #4 STUART IMMONEN COVER
Oh boy, here we go again with Avengers #4, one more chapter in the never-ending buffet of villainy that Marvel's been serving up like stale cereal Landing in comic stores this Wednesday, August 9th, the Avengers are on a cosmic scavenger hunt of sorts, chasing after Lord Ennui, Citysmith, Idol Alabaster, Meridian Diadem, and the[...]
Build the Avengers Infinity Saga Stark Tower with Beast Kingdom
Releasing as part of their Mini Egg Attack line, The Avengers are back together for one new and exciting piece Marvel fans will be able to build their very own Infinity Saga Stark Tower with the help of Beast Kingdom This set will have connecting parts of the Avengers Tower, with each member of the[...]
New Star Wars Coruscant Guard Gunship Makes A Landing At LEGO
The LEGO Marvel Studios Avengers Advent Calendar set will come in at 243 pieces and feature 24 gifts Everything starts on December 1, and for 24 days, Marvel fans will open doors unlocking all sorts of Marvel goodies Seven LEGO minifigures are included, with seven minifigures with Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Okoye,[...]
Marvel Entertainment and NetEase Announce New Collaboration
Never before has so much comic-making mastery been crammed into one panel! But that's not all – fans who stay until the end will receive an exclusive giveaway comic! Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Live Play with Glass Cannon Network 5:30PM – 8:30PM PT | Room: Omni Hotel, Omni Grand Ballroom ABC 4th Floor A brand new group of[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS: BEYOND #4 GREG LAND COVER
The upcoming Avengers: Beyond #4, set to hit comic shops on June 28th, dares to take a walk down this treacherous path Six ordinary people gifted with powers they don't deserve are vying to replace Earth's Mightiest Heroes, because who wouldn't want to make poor choices during the worst possible time? I can't wait to[...]
Marvel Comics Solicits & Full Solicitations For September 2023
Marvel Comics launches a new Captain America from JMS and Jesus Saiz, the launch of Predator Vs Wolverine by Benjamin Percy, Greg Land, Andrea Di Vito and more, the launch of Avengers Inc by Al Ewing and Leonard Kirk, Daredevil #1 by Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder, Uncanny Spider-Man by Si Spurrier and Lee Garbett[...]
Kang Spoils Upcoming Threats To The Marvel Universe (Spoilers)
And so Avengers #2 out this week, sees Kang doing something similar to Captain Marvel Because he is in the fight of his life with another of the Avengers' potential enemies and he is looking for a little quid pro quo. Captain Marvel likes the glimpses of the future she was given in Civil War II[...]
Hasbro Unveils Exclusive Avengers 60th Marvel Legends Black Widow
The Avengers 60th Anniversary initiative is still going on with Hasbro's Marvel Legends line A nice assortment of Avengers goodies has slowly been revealed, from a Hulk/Bruce Banner 2-Pack to a mighty Super Adaptoid and much more Since her reveal during a previous Legends live stream, Black Widow has finally arrived as a Target Exclusive[...]
Full Marvel Comics August 2023 Solicits & Solicitations
Recently, X-Force showed us one future for Hank McCoy, the Beast, as told by a future version of Quentin Quire who has been doing a lot of travelling across time and space to follow his various shenanigans. With Hank McCoy ending up as the self-styled god of all mutants and looking a bit like this. Meanwhile Sins[...]
Marvel To Launch Avengers Inc, From Al Ewing & Leonard Kirk
Now, from the other side, we have Avengers, Inc But looking a bit more like the British TV show than the American comic book With Janet Van Dyne as Emma Peel… and someone very different as her Steed? 60 years ago, Janet Van Dyne stood alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes as they assembled for the very first[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS: BEYOND #3 GREG LAND COVER
In this week's delightful get-together, the Avengers make futile attempts at keeping a pesky intruder dubbed "The LOST ONE" at bay in Avengers: Beyond #3, hitting shelves this Wednesday, May 31st And hey, what better way to defeat impending doom, like dealing with that clingy relative who just won't leave, than with a good ol'[...]
"My controversial writing opinion tonight is J*ss Wh*don was LITERALLY a genius, his character work on Avengers was unparalleled, BTVS inspired an entire generation of writers & is still Room relevant & pretending monsters can't also produce beautiful art is dangerous/disingenuous," was how the first in a series of tweets from Andras that kicked off[...]
We just mentioned that Marvel was taking Amazing Spider-Man #25 and #26 back to second printings but there are more to come. PrintWatch: And that includes Avengers #1, Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1, Plamet of The Apes #2, Guardians Of The Galaxy #3 and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #3. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1[...]