DC's Dan DiDio Addresses Issues With TPBs, Hardcovers, Omnibuses and More

Of late, Bleeding Cool has reported news from ComicsPRO that Dan DiDio was looking to reduce the size of DC Comics' collections program, taking comics are reissuing them, collected, into bookform, suitable for the bookshelf, the book shop and the library. As a publishing option, it's only around 35 years old, and less than twenty years since it seemed that everything a comics publisher put out, would be collected at some point. And eventually in Omnibus oversized hardcover form with high hundreds/low thousands of pages.

Bleeding Cool has noted a number of significant cancellation of orders of such books of late – with the proviso that they will be resolicited at a future date. Some of those cancellations were themselves cancelled. But some never made it at all.

This weekend, DC publisher Dan DiDio took to social media to explain what was going on. He wrote,

Good morning. To those fans of our Silver and Bronze comics worried about changes to our collected editions program, I want to take this moment to set aside any of your concerns. While we are delaying (not cancelling) a couple of planned omnibuses, this decision was made to make way for even more books highlighting stories and series from these moments in time. Comics, never collected in color or ever before, will first see print in smaller volumes (like the titles in the photo and our old archives program) before being collected (if demand dictates) in omnibus form. This is to open a wider array of books and themes for collections from the past. We have so much great material and we are committed to collecting it in the best forms possible to reach as many fans as possible. This is the stuff that made me a DC fan for life, and will make sure it gets the attention it deserves. Best, DD

And you can see a few more Omnibuses coming in 2020 from DC Comics right here…

DC's Dan DiDio Addresses Issues With TPBs, Hardcovers, Omnibuses and More

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