Frank Miller vs AnemoneTea at MCM London Comic Con 2018

Frank Miller has come to MCM London Comic Con, straight from Paris Comic Con, both organised by Reed POP on the same weekend and a handy train journey between the two. He is one of a number of big names that have come to this show this year, which usually hosts local talent. He is joined by John Romita, Frank Cho, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tim Sale, Klaus Janson, Mark Brooks and more. But no doubt about it, Miller was the big draw.

But maybe people hadn't reckoned on Kit Buss. Who is the official portrait artist of webseries Critical Role and a frequent fan artist. Who appeared as a special guest star in third season episode Crimson Diplomacy playing Lillith Anioska Daturai, a tiefling wizard.

And who is selling her own comic book Cloven Bloodlines #1 debuting at MCM Comic Con, under the name of AnemoneTea. As a result, she is the real comics village star who is really benefitting from crowd control.

Check out their respective lines at the show, both being managed and curtailed by show staff…

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