How The Remastered Star Wars Comic Compares To The Original 1977 Version

On the left, pages from the original Star Wars #1 from Marvel comics form 1977. On the right the new pages, recoloured by A Crossley replacin Marie Severin's originals for the Star Wars: A New Hope OGN (bringing new meaning to the 'O' somehow) reprinting those early Marvel Star Wars comics, back when they first wanted the license.

Notice how Twentieth Century Fox has gone from the first page…

Star Wars #1 - Page 2Star_Wars_A_New_Hope_OGN_Preview_2

Star Wars #1 - Page 3 Star_Wars_A_New_Hope_OGN_Preview_3


Star Wars #1 - Page 4Star_Wars_A_New_Hope_OGN_Preview_4

Star_Wars_A_New_Hope_OGN_Preview_5Star Wars #1 - Page 5

Empire and Return on their way…

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