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DC Cancels Orders, Reschedules Omnibuses & Green Lantern Alliance OGN
It has now been rescheduled for sale on the 18th of October and will be re-solicited in an upcoming edition of DC Connect. Equally, The Phantom Stranger Omnibus and the Who's Who Omnibus Vol 2 have also had their orders cancelled and the books will be resolicited in an upcoming edition of DC Connect The Phantom[...]
Walter Simonson Asks Why His Art Is On Cover Of John Byrne Omnibus
But the collection of such books under the title John Byrne's Fourth World Omnibus using one of Walter's covers instead of an art piece by Byrne, rubbed Simonson up the wrong way He posted to Facebook; Very recently, thanks to John, I obtained a copy of John Byrne's Fourth World, a DC Omnibus of his work[...]
Marvel Comics To Publish Entire Alan Moore Miracleman In Omnibus
But they are also going to collect the entire Alan Moore/Garry Leach/Alan Davis/Chuck Austen/Rick Veitch/John Totleben run in an omnibus form. That means the original Warrior Magazine stories, including the story from the Marvelman Summer Special They will also include the additional scenes included in the Eclipse Miracleman issues The Warpsmiths story by Garry Leach from[...]
Omnibus: Spider-Verse/Spider-Geddon, Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 2, Serial
Four upcoming omnibus volumes, trhree from Marvel courtesy of the Near Mint YouTube channel and one from Diamond Previews Terry Moore is getting his Serial series collected in one Omnibus volume, both in paperback and hardback, for March 2022 Two new Spider-Man Omnibus volumes One Omnibus collecting all of the Dan Slott-written Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon[...]
New Marvel Omnibuses - What If, Heroes Reborn, King In Black, Venom
Thede are a bunch of big Marvel Omnibus volumes coming through the pipe for 2022, beyond what have been solicited so far Here are bunch of interesting looking new Marvel Omnibuses, including the eighties/nineties What If, King In Black and the Donny Cates/Ryan Stegman Venomnibus, more Wolverine and Miles Morales, X-Treme X-Men, as well as[...]
Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus On Kickstarter, Read Full 1st Issue Free
Artist Sal Abbinanti and writer Andrew Dabb have brought their comic book series Atomika: God Is Red to Kickstarter, with an omnibus edition of these series that includes new work Originally self-published between 2005 and 2011, the cold war era sci-fi superhero comic features Atomika, the modern god of the 20th Century Soviet Union, battling[...]
Glitchwatch: DC Comics & Amazon Cancelling $25 One Million Omnibuses
Back in August, Bleeding Cool noted an Amazon Glitchwatch, that the new reissuing of the thousand-page-long DC One Million Omnibus was being listed for 75 percent off the hundred dollar cover price Long out of print, the Omnibus collection had regularly sold from around $200 up to around $400 Though the new reissue of the[...]
Cover image for BREAKER OMNIBUS GN VOL 02 (MR)
Ablaze Comics has collected the Breaker series in an new Omnibus volume, as well as continuing Animal Castle, Laura and He Who Fights With Monsters in Ablaze's January 2022 solicitations, below… #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ BREAKER OMNIBUS GN VOL[...]
DC To Collect Entire Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Omnibus
In March, Bleeding Cool ran the news that DC Comics would be publishing an Omnibus of all the James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series in one big omnibus before the end of the year and it was solicited by DC Comics a few months ago[...]
The Pride Omnibus, Selling Better In Book Stores Than Comic Shops
Joe Glass, formerly of this parish, talked about the performance of the Pride Omnibus, the Dark Horse collection of his queer superhero comic book that he was self-publishing for years before it got picked up by ComiXology Originals and then collected by Dark Horse And apparently it's been doing really well  – and especially in[...]
Archie Comics Kickstarts A 700-Page Kevin Keller Omnibus
So Archie Comics is trying again. Archie Comics Kickstarts A Kevin Keller Omnibus Dan Parent, the creator of Kevin Keller, Archie's first openly gay character, has officially launched a brand new Kickstarter for Kevin Keller Celebration!, a 700+-page omnibus of the character's first decade in Riverdale "For the past 35 years, I've had the pleasure to work[...]
Amazon GlitchWatch: DC One Million Omnibus At $25?
The DC One Million Omnibus is being reissued with a new edition for May next year, after being out of print for some time and copies of the previous version selling for up to $500 online.  The new version includes the JLA In Crisis: Secret Files that dealt with DC One Million that weren't in[...]
More DC Comics Omnibus, Portfolios and Big Books For 2020
Here's a look at more Omnibus titles, DC Poster Portfolios, and other big books, including some unexpected collections, due for 2022 More DC Comics Omnibus, Portfolios and Big Books For 2020 DC Comics Omnibus Titles For 2022 Who's Who Omnibus Vol 2 10 May 2022 168 pages DC's encyclopedia of heroes and villains steps into the 1990s in this massive[...]
DC Comics To Reprint Teen Titans, 52 and Death Of Superman Omnibuses
Out of print, the 52 Omnibus from DC Comics goes for $300, the Death And Return Of Superman Omnibus goes for $400, and Teen Titans By Geoff Johns Omnibus goes for $750 Time to bring them all back into print, it seems, for 2022 So if you wanted to sell your original for a few[...]
More DC Comics Big Books
And so in June next year, a collection of Rachel Pollack's Doom Patrol in Omnibus, alongside other related works, including Ted McKeever's concluding run as well that picked up on Pollack's plots. Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack Omnibus Rachel Pollack, Linda Medley 07 June 2022 400 pages Science-fiction author Rachel Pollack brings her unique and inventive sensibility to DC's[...]