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Hulk, Doctor Strange And X-Men Omnibuses For 2022
Thanks to our good friend The Uncanny Omar and his YouTube channel at Near Mint Comics – and his close and personal connection with Marvel's David Gabriel – we get word of seven new-and-reprint Marvel Omnibus volumes coming out in January, February, and March 2022, in comic shops and bookstores alike. The Omnibus format takes in dozens of Marvel[...]
Batwing Omnibus Cancelled, Replaced By Batwing: Luke Fox TPB
In December last, Bleeding Cool reported on a scheduled Batwing Omnibus to be published in August It would have collected Batwing #0 to #34 However, checking back in, it seems to have been kicked off the schedule and into the long grass. Instead, it appears that it will be replaced by a Batwing: Luke Fox trade[...]
Marvel Omnibus For 2022
Thanks to our good friend The Uncanny Omar at Near Mint Comics – and his close and personal connection with Marvel's David Gabriel – we get word of eight new Marvel Omnibus volumes coming out in January and February 2022 And I have to say, Gary Erskine getting his Knights Of Pendragon artwork in Omnibus[...]
Dynamite Sold 350,000 Omnibus Editions Of The Boys In 2019 and 2020
When The Boys was first made into a TV show for Amazon Prime, publisher of the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Dynamite Entertainment had 3,200 preorders for the 300-400 page Omnibus volumes of the series and would usually have printed around 6000 based on that Instead, Nick Barrucci told Forbes that they[...]
Peter Sanderson Wonders Where His DC Comics Who's Who Omnibus Is...
This past month saw the publication, simultaneously, of Marvel's Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition and the DC Comics' Who's Who Omnibus Vol 1, volumes that Sanderson devoted much of his life to He writes; Today's Good News: Yesterday I got a mysterious package from Diamond in the mail that turned out to be[...]
Spider-Man Omnibus Tops Advance Reorders
The new Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus rockets to the top of the Advance Reorders charts – possibly because they count these things by revenue raised rather than numbers ordered, but the 4th print of BRZRKR is close behind And the Star Wars Bounty Hunters is off to a strong start as well. Spider-Man Omnibus Tops Advance Reorders With[...]
X-Men By Jonathan Hickman Omnibus & X Of Swords Omnibus Coming
X-Men By Jonathan Hickman Omnibus will be published on December the 21st, a great Christmas gift for anyone who wants to buy it for me Or for me to buy for myself. The book will be going for $75 for 656 pages and should sit nicely with the House Of X/Powers Of X hardcover that was[...]
Marvel Sends Four More Omnibuses Back To Print In 2021
Our friend The Uncanny Omar at Near Mint Comics has gotten the word from Marvel's David Gabriel as to four upcoming reprinted Omnibus volumes from Marvel Comics for November and December 2021 All of which have been out-of-print for some time and thus go for considerable sums on the aftermarket. Captain America Lives Omnibus – November[...]
DC Comics' First Omnibus, Deluxe, Compendiums, Collections For 2022
But there are a few more books suddenly scheduled for 2022 as well, including Omnibus, Deluxe, Compendium and more formats – and the beginning of a DC Universe By Mark Waid series as well, now that Dan Didio is gone as well And a number of books intended for 2020 and 2021 that are now[...]
Marvel Comics Cancels Orders For Predator #1, Delays Until November
And the Original Series Predator Omnibus, reprinting all the Dark Horse Comics series, was also sent to the cornfield with no sign of when it would return But why? Marvel Comics sources not saying But the rumour elsewhere amongst comic book executives is that it's all because of the move from direct market exclusivity for Diamond[...]
Marvel Comics Cancels Orders For Predator #1, Delays Until November
The orders for the Predator Omnibus, collecting Dark Horse Comics' Predator comic books has also had its orders cancelled, though does not yet have a new schedule No reasons have yet been given and I have not received comment from Marvel at time of press. This will be a major hole for Marvel Comics in May[...]
DC To Collect Entire Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Omnibus
Just before the end of the year, DC Comics is to collect the entire Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, all three of them, into one 576-page Omnibus format Created by James Tynion IV and Freddie E Williams II, the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Omnibus will contain all issues and spin-offs, out on the 28th[...]
DC Comics Replace All Copies Of Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus, Free
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: DC Comics recalls the Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus – the ten most-read stories yesterday… DC Recalls Grant Morrison Omnibus – The Daily LITG, 25th March 2021 The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs[...]
Justice League Dark Omnibus, More Deluxe & Big Books From DC Comics
We've seen a bunch of new Marvel Omnibus and DC Comics Omnibus and Big Books listed in recent days on Bleeding Cool, as well as the recall of the Superman By Grant Morrison Omnibus – well, here are a few more from DC Comics Including Justice League Dark getting its first Omnibus… Justice League Dark: The[...]