IDW Announces Millennium, A Spin-Off From X-Files

Joe Harris explained that they are currently in the middle of a "monster of the month" story called Immaculate. It will feature a "special guest star" that will gear up the X-Files and a special new project, announcing today at NYCC 2014.

New series Millennium will be spinning out of X-Files, a TV show that spun off of X-Files back in the day. This one spins out of the X-Files comic book but yet to be announced which issue of X-Files it will spin off of.

They are "really excited" to bring Chris Carter's other show to comics. The show got 3 seasons of awesome ideas, they said, but it never really got the attention it deserved or a "good enough ending" for Frank. The series will take place within the X-Files universe but be something of its own. Agent Mulder will be guest starring. 15 years later we are going to find out what some of the impact has been for the previous "ending". Scenes between Mulder and Frank Black are going to be particularly interesting and were fun to write, Harris said.



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