Jon Del Arroz Identifies Secret Left-Wing #Comicsgate Grifters

Jon Del Arroz is a comic book creator who is often not happy with Bleeding Cool. He really didn't like this article we ran a couple of years ago dubbed How Not To Apply For A Job At Marvel Comics and it often comes up. But one article he posted this week, has a number of associated articles that seem to tell a story. A narrative if you will.

Del Arroz claims to have created, or at least popularised the #comicsgate name. He sees its cause, thus;

The cause of it was because of politics — specifically a left wing monopoly trying to harm all right wingers in the business and make sure we don't get to produce books or have any influence. They want all books to force LGBTQWTF on children, none to have male or white lead characters (unless villains), and to push identity politics so that not only are the primary demographic of readers kicked out of comics, but so that they stir up anger to get white, Christian, Republican, men out of the country.

Of course a) the audience for such comics is probably still an adult one b) was it forcing heterosexuality on kids to read Peter Parker dating – and marrying – Mary Jane all those years? Or was it just reflecting the world outside your window? c) most superhero comics have male or white leads, in recent years there has been a slight move towards more female leads, and those with a greater ethnic diversity. No one was trying to get rid of all male, white leads. d) the motivation was to increase an audience for comics, rather than push people out and no one at Marvel or DC was trying to get white, Christian, Republican, men out of the country. Ike Perlmutter was just wanting to make more money – also why one of Trump's largest donors, personal friend of Donald Trump and part of the administration, was directly involved in greenlighting the Spider-Gwen series, co-created by Robbi Rodriguez. More on him later.

On August 21st, 2018, Del Arroz wrote a piece dubbed ComicsGate Will Win Because Of Loyalty, saying,

The list of support goes on too long to list in a blog, but my experiences were like this down the line from the biggest name creators to the random comic fan. This group really cares about the movement going on, about the products and it keeps going. My book has already made significant history as the first non-Pro book with no big names attached to crack $20,000 in the campaign. 

And it continues on. I was worried at first that this would just be a brief flash and it would run out of steam, but Jon Malin, my cover artist, already released a new IndieGoGo yesterday to tremendous success himself. It's still rolling. People are saving their dollars from the big companies and supporting these books now. We have a trend. We have a new industry.

And that's why we're going to win this. Before I go today and create more content, I want to highlight one other kickstarter, Heroes Unleashed, a superhero novel franchise that's going to be making waves over the next few years. It's run by Silver Empire Publishing who are great friends and supporters. Books and novels need as much support as comics do if we're going to change the culture, so it's something to check out.

Always good to see independent comic books get such support, especially on crowdfunding site, but this had been happening for a while, pretty much since Womathology kicked the doors down. That doesn't get mentioned here. But it was true ComicsGaters were encouraged to back ComicsGate projects, a kind of virtual signalling that they were all true ComisGaters.

The second link was to a piece from August 28th, the other side of this loyalty coin, saying

They showed their true stripes this last weekend with this, and with a Marvel/DC artist sending pictures of his butthole publicly to Ethan Van Sciver and tagging him. This is the most unprofessional, disgusting industry where people would do that. These aren't fans fed up with bad products, these are the top professionals trying to abuse and hurt people because they don't like that there's alternatives coming up to the work they're putting out. They're running scared and they're getting abusive.

I still find it hard to believe that Ethan, given all the mad stuff he's posted over the years, ever actually gave a toss about Robbi Rodriguez' tweet. But it did help solidify a them-and-us feeling. However, come December 19th, he gave us a new piece, – maybe things were starting to change?

Yesterday I was targeted by a major ComicsGate creator with him coming to me on social media passive aggressively trying to attack me and claim I'm somehow being "unChristian". Of course, when people do this on social media, they do this to bully christians. He kept at it for HOURS (I don't know how this guy expects to do work or finish books when he has time to do this to people). The objective is to get me to lose my cool and come at him hard while being "concerned" and then go to his audience and tell everyone how he was "just being a concerned friend" and have them mob pile on me with a "see? Jon is a terrible person!"

They do this to everyone. I see it almost daily. There's bait, it's incessant, they will harp on someone until the person gets fed up and responds, then they attack the person hard for responding. It's been every case so far.

Could this have been a mean streak? Del Arroz added,

Don't be afraid! At the end of the day these guys are the biggest cowards I've ever seen. They hide in their DM chat together and rely on anonymous mobs to do their dirty work and won't stand up for anyone or anything. The more people speak and stand together, the less power they have.

And this week he posted a new article, The Comicgate Grifters, which is the most anti-#comicsgate piece I've seen from him, and links to the three articles mentioned above. Apparently, #comicsgate is being destroyed by secret left-wingers using #comicsgate to take money away from conservatives, and in doing to attack them.

We've mentioned how Doug TenNapel quit #comicsgate after he was targeted by a sub-group called WarCampaign for not being #comicsgate-y enough. Del Arroz sees it differently, writing.

The consolidation was done by forcing out anyone with right wing political beliefs and trying to damage their reputations. Just like the old guard industry did when I started #ComicsGate, now a group of star wars fans and left-leaning internet trolls (who took the name War Campaign) decided to try to police people and bully folk on the internet to get their way. A lot of the creators who knew they were riding an outrage train bowed to their wishes rather than doing what was right, because the mob seemed to be going one direction. All they cared about was the mob.

And the mob veered further left. The left wing usurped comicsgate, a movement that was supposed to be a haven for the right away from these forced leftist identity politics. We've seen it recently as Doug TenNapel has been attacked summarily for his Christian beliefs. They even came and attacked Mike Miller because of his anti-LGBT stances (as if they didn't know it before). No one is safe from the outrage mob, and it's veering further and further left.

But grifters came in from the left to take money from conservatives all while this is happening. They think you're too stupid to realize and see it. That you'll just hand them money cuz they smile at you while they cash the checks and call you stupid behind your backs.

Is it left wing to be anti-Christian? Is it right-wing to be anti-LGBT? The former was never true, just ask the Methodists, and there's a very strong atheist libertarian right-wing streak in modern society. The right-wing has been catching up to gay rights only about ten years after most of the left-wing did (though with plenty of hold-outs). Often when one of them discovers that a member of their family may be gay. Sometimes that it's themselves. The 'gay tory' is no longer the novelty it once was.

Anyway, Del Arroz claims to have discovered the traitors in their midst. Namely Donal Y DeLay.

Jon Del Arroz Identifies Secret Left-Wing #Comicsgate Grifters

And that DeLay's own #comicsgate comics could all be a front.

Jon Del Arroz Identifies Secret Left-Wing #Comicsgate Grifters

It hasn't gone over well…

You know what? I'll take that…

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