Now Who Else Is Trademarking Comicsgate?

The War On Comicsgate Trademarks Continues Apace

Back in August/September 2018, Vox Day, writer, editor, video game designer, blogger and alt-right activist, stated he was going to launch a comic book imprint called Comicsgate Comics creator Ethan Van Sciver who has become rather associated with that hashtag, stated that Day had no right to the name, and that as Ethan then ran a YouTube[...]


Mike Baron Writes a New Nexus Comic With Richard Meyer, and a Novel

He then began a YouTube channel with the aim of pointing out what he saw as overly-liberal or diverse plotlines in Marvel and DC comic books, including obscene attacks against a number of creators, before mobilising that audience to fund his publishing attempts with the Jawbreakers graphic novel on Kickstarter as part of #comicsgate After[...]


Sticker Shock For Red Rooster and Other Allegiance Arts Comics

Bleeding Cool reported on Allegiance Arts and Entertainment, a new comic book publisher created by Mitch Breitweiser and Elizabeth Breitweiser, with Arkansas businessman David Martin, crowdfunded to launch in Walmart. With 30,000+ print runs for all four launch titles, including Red Rooster, and prominent pricey placing in the book section of the store. Such a […]


Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters Crossovers With Cyberfrog

Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parody created by Don Chin and Patrick Parsons (as Parsonovich). Published by Comic Castle and Eclipse Comics in 1986, it was later drawn by Mike Dringenberg and then Sam Kieth (which is when I discovered it), with later series published by Parody Press and more […]

Last Week in #Comicsgate: #BlameWarCampaign

Preston Poulter Trademarks Comicsgate

Back in August/Septemeber 2018, Vox Day, writer, editor, video game designer, blogger and alt-right activist, stated he was going to launch a comic book imprint called Comicsgate Comic creator Ethan Van Sciver who has become associated with the hashtag, stated that Day had no right to the name, and that as Ethan then ran a YouTube[...]


Ethan Van Sciver Mean Streak Directed at Creators and Retailers Alike

#ComicsGate— ComicArtistPro Secrets (@EthanVanSciver) March 26, 2020DOWN GOES G WILLOW! DOWN GOES KATE LETH!!— ComicArtistPro Secrets (@EthanVanSciver) March 26, 2020Then GTFO If you were never doing this to make a great living, you’re part of the reason comic shops can’t weather TWO WEEKS of closed doors. This industry is a joke filled with pretentious, parasitic clowns[...]

Sean Gordon Murphy Pulls Cover from Doug Tennapel  Project Over LGBTQ Comments

Doug TenNapel Blames Jim Lee and DC Comics For Sean Gordon Murphy Pulling His Cover

Sean Gordon Murphy, who recently announced plans to launch a curated label at DC Comics for his White Knight universe, has announced that he will pull his cover from Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel's upcoming crowdfunded comic, Bigfoot Bill 2: Finger of Poseidon, after discussion with TenNapel. Murphy has long been a fan of TenNapel's work […]

Court Gives Final Judgement in Jurisdiction Matter in Richard Meyer Vs Mark Waid

Court Accepts Judgement Over Jurisdiction, in Richard Meyer Vs Mark Waid

Bleeding Cool has repeatedly covered the legal case between Comicsgate comic book creator and publisher Richard Meyer and comic book writer, editor and publisher Mark Waid Charges of defamation, both online and at a comic convention in Houston and regarding tortious interference over Antarctic Press' decision to drop the publication of Meyers' Jawbreakers graphic novel[...]

Destination Comics - The New Publisher From Richard Meyer and Chuck Dixon, With Sylvester Stallone-Written Expendables Comics - And More

Destination Comics – A New Publisher From Comicsgate's Richard Meyer and Chuck Dixon? With Sylvester Stallone-Written Expendables, And More

A leading figure in the outrage activist group Comicsgate, he channelled that attention into crowdfunding his graphic novels, with similarly-minded creators He is also involved in an ongoing legal case against Mark Waid on charges of defamation and tortious interference, denied by Waid, over Meyer's publishing relationship with Antarctic Press This happened after Antarctic dropped[...]

That Umbrella Guy Registers Renfamous Trademark Under His Own Name

That Umbrella Guy Registers Renfamous Trademark Under His Own Name

We may start a YouTube, Twitter account, official products like shirts and other merchandise The online name for a cosplayer, comics writer and major anti-comicsgate figure Which may mean she needs to spend legal fees just to oppose such a thing Of course there are also other concerns;Someone doesn’t understand what “under penalty of perjury” means.Buckle[...]

Separated At Birth: Ethan Van Sciver on Jawbreakers and Daryl Banks on Green Lantern

Earlier this week, longstanding Green Lantern artist and Comicsgater Ethan Van Sciver revealed his cover for fellow Comicsgater Richard Meyer's crowdfunded comic Jawbreakers: GØd-K1ng.The image of the central antagonist in Van Sciver's book in the back looked a little familiar to come, compared to work by another famed Green Lantern artist Daryl Banks, from the first[...]

Fake Tweet Used to Try And Discredit New Marvel Writer Alyssa Wong

Fake Tweet Used to Try And Discredit New Marvel Comics Writer, Alyssa Wong

But far harsher was this following 'tweet', supposedly posted by Wong after Stan Lee's passing, which has recently been shared, very critically, amongst the Comicsgatey side of social media.It is, as the label we have added points out, fake.  We have been told by people who should know that it's fake We have been told[...]

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Alan Moore Replies to Comicsgate in Final League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

You're locked up in here with ME.” 🤣 — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) January 11, 2019Which made an interesting note in a faked letter at the back of the issue, from a certain Hiram J Comicsgate III, from the likely-sounding town of Oklahodahio.They're not that old.. not yet anyway...LOEG TEMPEST #6 ONEILL (W) Alan Moore (A/CA) Kevin[...]

Jon Del Arroz Identifies Secret Left-Wing #Comicsgate Grifters

A narrative if you will.Del Arroz claims to have created, or at least popularised the #comicsgate name He sees its cause, thus; The cause of it was because of politics — specifically a left wing monopoly trying to harm all right wingers in the business and make sure we don’t get to produce books or have[...]

Vertigo – a Comic Book Line Founded on 'SJW Values'?

 Of late, an argument is being made loud and clear, mostly by the #Comicsgate activist group on social media, that the Vertigo brand failed due to, frankly 'SJW bullsh-t' The phrase 'get woke, go broke' has been repeated ad infinitum And this has been emphasised by pointing out recent Vertigo books such as Border Town,[...]

Doug TenNapel Crowdfunds Over $175,000 So Far to Tell Earthworm Jim's Origin

Doug TenNapel Crowdfunds $200,000 So Far to Tell Earthworm Jim's Origin

Pretty funny considering that people were comparing me to Hitler because I refused to kick Doug off the team." While TenNapel successfully promoted Bigfoot Bill using the #Comicsgate hashtag and allied himself with members of the activist group which fights against progressive voices in comic books, often with organised campaigns of hatred and division, he recently[...]

The Latest Transphobic Attacks From Comicsgate Label Others As Transphobic

The Latest Transphobic Attacks From Comicsgate Falsely Label Others As Transphobic

Comicsgate, the comics activist group that's recently promoted a number of crowdfunded comic books, had an early history in making transphobic comments against creators like Mags Visaggio, Tamra Bonvillain, Lilah Sturges and Michelle Perez The motivation seemed to come from the idea that some people weren't getting jobs in comics while these people were, and[...]

Larry Stroman, on Turning Down Work

So when he posts on Facebook that he has... 'just turned down a project written by one of my use to be favorite writers, he's part of that comicsgate/alt right crapola I would have made a lot of money oh well' may hit a little harder than for other creators who have made similar decisions of[...]