Larry Stroman, on Turning Down Work

Larry Stroman, on Turning Down WorkLarry Stroman has a strong superhero comic book history. Drawing X-Factor in the Peter David era, with those sharp lines and individual style, he sat alongside Joe Quesada and Jae Lee, especially when he then launched the million-selling Tribe from Image Comics, then from his own publisher Axis. But recent years have been a little leaner. So when he posts on Facebook that he has…

'just turned down a project written by one of my use to be favorite writers, he's part of that comicsgate/alt right crapola. I would have made a lot of money. oh well'

…it may hit a little harder than for other creators who have made similar decisions of late. Tattoo artist Tom Morris, had a different take, replying to Larry saying,

Draw what you want Larry. Don't let politics affect art. Bills gotta get paid.


Art is art. It's stupid to let politics get involved.Is he being asked to draw images of hate or Doctor Doom? I work for hire everyday and don't trouble myself with people's politics.You cut your potential paydays in half if you pick jobs that way. I'm not such an idealists that I don't want my kids to eat. I could give a shit less who people vote for. I bet if you spent enough time with ANYONE you would find something to hate about them. It's counter productive and bad for business.

And concluding,

You are %100 correct. Any jobs you folks can't get past your own sh-t to do, just forward them to me and I'll laugh all the way to the bank and sleep like a baby at night.

With Stroman replying,

mr tom morris, i told him that if he's interested contact you.

Which could certainly be interesting. Not sure if Morris actually expected that. Stroman also mentioned this kind of decision is not a first for him.

I was once offered close to a thousand dollars a page to do some work for penthouse comics. couldn't do it because of a promise I made to my moms. I can find other jobs to put food on the table.

Gotta say, still a big fan of Stroman's work. If anyone wants to get in touch, it appears he may be free…


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