Mark Millar Shares Cryptic Clue About Next Netflix Project

Following the announcement of his first comic under the new Netflix-owned Millarworld regime, The Magic Order with artist Olivier Coipel, Mark Millar has taken to Twitter to tease another announcement, offering only a single photograph as a clue:

A stock image of an hourglass?! What a shocking reveal! But what does it mean?

Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston has previously speculated that Millar's second comic will be called Star Crusher, but we can't see what an hourglass has to do with crushing stars. Some Tweeters have responded to Millar's post, guessing a sequel to Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy's Chrononauts. That might seem plausible, especially as that sequel, titled Chrononauts: Future Shock, was originally promised in 2016. However, Universal optioned the the film rights to Chrononauts in 2015, and Millar is likely to be developing brand new comics that Netflix can fully capitalize on in multimedia, you know, the way comics are meant to be made.

Unless, of course, that rights situation has changed. Who knows? We're merely entertainment "journalists."

millar-slide3-156590 (1)

Whatever it is, we should learn more in December, as Netflix's grown-up marketing department won't allow Millar to drag this out too long. We'll continue to monitor his Twitter account for clues like the "journalists" we are though.

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