Marvel Announces Marvel Anthology by Alex Ross at MCM London

Lots of big news announced by David Gabriel of Marvel Comics at London MCM Comic Con 2019's October show, straight from the Diamond retailer meeting. Follow along with our MCMLondon tag for this and many other new stories being announced today.

Marvel mCM

Such as Marvel Anthology, a new six-issue series co-written and curated by Alex Ross, with the first issue drawn by him as well. And bringing in his own favourite artists for the subsequent five issues, within a framing story by Steve Darnell. A thematic sequel to his work with Kurt Busiek on Marvels, it will focus on Ross' favourite comic book creations from Marvel.

And for issue 2, that means Dan Brereton and an X-Men story set just after Giant-Size X-Men #1.

Marvel mCM


Launching in 2020.

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