Marvel To Publish Audio Version Of Their Novels From 70s, 99s and 00s

The Marvel Novel Series were eleven prose books published by Pocket Books in 1978 and 1979, licensed from Marvel Comics and often written by comic book writers, such as Len Wein, Jo Duffy, David Michelinie, Marv Wolfman and Paul Kupperberg, In April, Marvel Comics will be releasing the fifth book, Doomsday by Marv Wolfman starring the Fantastic Four, as an audio book on CD – followed later by a release on Audible. The book will be narrated by Natalie Naudus.

Marvel To Publish Audio Version of Fantastic Four Novel From 1979

The brilliant scientist Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, teams up with the woman he loves, Sue Richards, who also goes by Invisible Woman, her hot-headed kid brother Johnny Storm, or the Human Torch, and Ben Grimm, the THING and top-flight test pilot. Together, these four braved the unknown dangers of outer space and were transformed by sizzling cosmic rays into something more than merely human! In this installment of their adventures, the Fantastic Four will go head to head against Dr. Doom.

But it's not alone, there are more.

Marvel To Publish Audio Version of Fantastic Four Novel From 1979

Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver Surfer by Michael Jan Friedman from 1997 narrated by Angelo Di Loreto 

When three of the Fantastic Four are lured into the Negative Zone by the evil Blastaar, the Invisible Woman enlists the Silver Surfer to help. But they face an even greater threat: Prodigion, a destroyer of worlds akin to Galactus, the planet devourer to whom the Surfer was once Herald. Can the Surfer atone for his past actions with Galactus? And is Prodigion truly a Negative Zone version of Galactus…or is the truth more deadly than even the world's greatest heroes can imagine?

Marvel To Publish Audio Version of Fantastic Four Novel From 1979

Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos by Pierce Askegren from 1998, narrated by Natalie Naudus

The Mad Thinker, with the aid of the Red Ghost and his Super Apes, has hatched a worldwide conspiracy. He has placed lifelike duplicates of hundreds of key people throughout the world – including Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four! The remaining members of the Fantastic Four must work frantically to uncover the Thinker.

Marvel To Publish Audio Version of Fantastic Four Novel From 1979

X-Men: The Return by Chris Roberson from 2007, narrated by Thom Rivera

Feared and mistrusted by the very people they have sworn to protect, the X-Men are a band of mutant heroes dedicated to defending humanity from those who would use their powers to harm and destroy. The X-Men are often Earth's last defense against villains and mad-men…and the future's only hope.

An alien race calling themselves the Kh'thon descend upon the planet, announcing that they are the former occupants and rightful owners of Earth. The evidence they present is startling: Their ships are manned by Homo sapiens, supposedly descendants of human beings who served the Kh'thon on Earth countless millennia ago, and their will is enforced by the Exemplar, humans augmented with a dizzying array of powers, each the match of any one of the X-Men. The Kh'thon claim that they are responsible for the creation of the x-gene, devised so that they could breed whatever traits or abilities they required of their servants. And now they've returned to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs: the planet Earth, and everyone living on it.

It is up to Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and the rest of the X-Men – working in conjunction with Scott Summers, currently a member of X-Force – to find a way to repel the Kh'thon before humans and mutants alike are enslaved by alien masters….

Marvel To Publish Audio Version of Fantastic Four Novel From 1979

Wolverine: Violent Tendencies by Marc Alan Cerasini from 2007, narrated by David Bendena.

Once he was a valued key operative in Canada's special forces. Now the man known only as Logan has been forever transformed into Weapon X – an unstoppable, indestructible killing machine, a bringer of mayhem with retractable harder-than-diamond steel claws and the ability to recover from any wound.

It has been months since Logan escaped the secret research complex in the Canadian Rockies where he was held captive, breaking through punishing psychological conditioning, slaughtering all those who stood in his way, and fleeing into the wilderness. Now, at the clandestine agency known as Department K, the director of the Weapon X program decides it's time to reclaim the most successful experiment for his group. But before Weapon X is to be brought in, the director opts to present Logan with a few more challenges to see how this modern-day Frankenstein's monster has adapted to its new abilities – and he magnifies the intensity of the external threat in order to gauge Logan's full potential….

Marvel To Publish Audio Version of Fantastic Four Novel From 1979

The Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow by David Michelinie from 1979, narrated by Qarie Marshall 

Iron Man, Thor, Vision, The Beast, Quicksilver, and The Scarlet Witch band together to save the life of Captain America, the living legend of World War II!  Travel with these six sensational heroes 2,000 years into the future as they come face-to-face with the unimaginable villainy of Kang the Conquerer, a descendant of Dr. Doom who is determined to be rid of Captain America – for good

Marvel To Publish Audio Version of Fantastic Four Novel From 1979

Spider-Man and Iron Man: Doom's Day: Sabotage by Pierce Askegren from 1998 and Danny Fingeroth, narrated by James Patrick Cronin.

Stark Enterprises has unleashed the Infinite Engine, which promises to be an energy source unlike anything ever seen before. But saboteurs from both A.I.M. and Hydra have set their sights on the engine as well – along with Dr. Doom. When a respected scientist is killed and the Engine taken over, Spiderman and Iron Man join forces to safeguard the Infinite Engine – and all of humanity.

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