New Inuk-Canadian Superhero Snowguard to Join Marvel's Champions

The Marvel solicitation for May's Champions #20 asked the question: who is Snowguard? But if you thought you'd need to wait until the book hit stands to find out, you don't know Marvel very well, do you? The company has spoiled the mystery in an article on CBC Books.

Amka Aliyak is a teenager hailing from Pangnirtung, Nunavut who first appeared infiltrating a mysterious facility near her community in the opening scene of Champions #19, kicking off the book's latest storyline. By Champions #21, in the superhero guise of Snowguard, Amka will be a full-fledged member of the Champions. Her superpowers are fueled by an Inuit force called Sila, and allow her to shapeshift and gain animal abilities. Snowguard was created by Jim Zub and designed by Sean Izaake, and to keep things authentic, Zub consulted with Nyla Innuksuk.

"I think there are just basic things about life in the Arctic that people in 'the south' don't realize," said Innuksuk. "I gave Jim some insight into the belief system within traditional Inuit culture including the Sila, which is essentially a life force that exists within everything in the North."

Innuksuk also advised on Inuit clothing and tattoos, as well as life in Inuit communities. Head over to CBC to learn more, and see if your shop still has an extra copy or two of Champions #19 for future eBaying. Champions #20 hits stores on May 23.

New Inuk-Canadian Superhero Snowguard to Join Marvel's Champions

New Inuk-Canadian Superhero Snowguard to Join Marvel's Champions

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