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D&D Days Of Endless Adventure Review-1

We Review Dungeons & Dragons: Days Of Endless Adventure

But the ones that really caught media attention the past few years were the ones written by Jim Zub, whose stories kicked off in late 2014 and has had a hand in nearly every D&D comic since Including the massively popular Rick and Morty crossover back in 2019 with Patrick Rothfuss Recently, IDW released what[...]

Dungeons & Dragons Wizards & Spells Book Cover

We Review Dungeons & Dragons: Wizards & Spells

Jim Zub clearly had an amazing time writing it up and putting it together, along with fellow writers Stacy King and Andrew Wheeler We highly recommend the book if you have kids who are into D&D but aren't at the level to understand how the game is played entirely yet Or those who do get[...]

Jim Zub Offers Free Digital Comics to Get You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Comic book writer Jim Zub has shared PDFs of the first full volumes of two of his creator-owned comics, Skullkickers and Wayward, to provide at least a distraction from the stressful coronavirus pandemic.On Patreon, Zub writes: 2020 has thrown us all a bunch of curve balls and it looks like a lot of people are going[...]

Jim Zub Graduates to Marvel's Conan The Barbarian Ongoing Series in February

Jim Zub is having a strange year, apparently.The strangeness of my classes continues this year... Thanos and the Zubfinity Gauntlet pic.twitter.com/IOvhP25IZv — Jim Zub (@JimZub) November 12, 2019Can't argue with that But he is also the new ongoing writer on Conan The Barbarian, a title he has been jonesing to write at Marvel[...]

Now Christos Gage Joins Dan Slott on Tony Stark: Iron Man

Now Christos Gage Joins Dan Slott on Tony Stark: Iron Man

A few more changes between solicitation and publication for Marvel Comics.Tony Stark: Iron Man #17 was solicited as written by Dan Slott and Jim Zub, and drawn by Valerio Schiti. Well, Slott remains, but the rest are changed it is now co-written by Slott and Christos Gage, who has worked with Slott before on the Spider-Verse,[...]

Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

Whatever. Others still place the blame on readers who pirate the books rather than pay for them, like Jim Zub, speaking of the at-that-time not canceled but eventually canceled Champions earlier this year.If you love this series/these characters, please consider paying for it, otherwise we won't be around long enough to deliver on its potential. That's the[...]

Review: Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons - GameStop Hardcover Edition

Review: Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons – GameStop Hardcover Edition

Penned by Jim Zub and Patrick Rothfuss with art by Troy Little and colors by Leonardo Ito, it was the pop-culture peanut butter and chocolate combo you never knew you needed until IDW and Oni Press gave it to you After the initial release and all of the various different cover versions came out, it[...]

Jim Zub and Max Dunbar Kirkman-Drop New Comic Stone Star on ComiXology

In a shocking move Wednesday, digital comics purveyor ComiXology surprise-released a hitherto-unannounced new digital comic book series called Stone Star by writer Jim Zub and artist Max Dunbar, available EX-X-XCLUSIVELY on ComiXology and the various digital comics platforms of its parent company, Amazon The series is about a gladiatorial arena on an asteroid, starring a[...]

Todd Nauck and Jim Zub Have Discussed an Excalibur Revival at Marvel

For Nauck, who already got to do a Nightcrawler book with legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont, it was really a second best answer type of question, but Nauck had an answer in mind anyway: an Excalibur revival!Unfortunately, Nauck didn't suggest Chris Claremont write it, but he did name someone with whom he's already discussed the[...]

Wayward Board Game Coming to Kickstarter in 2019

IDW Games has announced a release date for the Wayward board game, based on the Image Comic by Jim Zub and Steven Cummings The game, to be sold on Kickstarter as a $70 "Signature Edition," will feature "upgraded packaging, miniatures sculpted by Ninja Division (Super Dungeon), and bonus character with scenario." The game was originally announced[...]

Champions to be Relaunched as a Legion of Superheroes for the Marvel Universe

And according to writer Jim Zub, the book will feature "the biggest teen team you’ve ever seen." Yes, that's right, Zub is going after DC's Legion of Superheroes, calling the All-New, All-Different Champions a "legion of heroes in the Marvel U." Steven Cummings will provide artwork.Bleeding Cool's Madeline Ricchiuto was embedded on the front lines[...]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 22nd, 2018: This Week Wasn't That Bad

We're back again folks! We're counting down the Top and Bottom 5 Comics of last week. Bear in mind that not all of these have gotten reviews from me yet. Today is also Josh's Unofficial Big, Fat Catch-Up Day. Anyway, check out the best and worst of the week below. Best 1. West Coast Avengers […]

Marvel to Address School Shootings in Champions #24

The company revealed the news via media partner Newsarama, who had both the scoop and a quote from writer Jim Zub. Earlier this year, I started talking to Tom Brevoort about writing a Champions issue on the effect of gun violence in schools Marvel has always strived to deliver 'the world outside our window' and this was too[...]

Champions #22 cover by R.B. Silva and Nolan Woodard

Champions #22 Review: New Heroes and Identities, Same Lovable Team

It’s just good writing on the part of Jim Zub.[caption id="attachment_882745" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Champions #22 art by Kevin Libranda and Marcio Menyz[/caption]Kevin Libranda is the artist on this installment, and he does some solid work The style is light, airy, and movement-oriented Characters express themselves well with facial expressions and body language[...]

Jim Zub Starts a Sequel to The Vision in Champions #22 [Spoilers]

Winning every award, gaining every plaudit, it saw Tom King headhunted by DC Comics to head up their Batman relaunch two years ago.Well, today Jim Zubkavich, Kevin Libranda, and Marcio Menyz appear to be using The Champions series, which stars the Vision's daughter Viv Vision, to tell a sequel Visiting The Vision's family home, as seen[...]