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Batman #1 is one of the most commanding books in the comic book universe. While it isn't the first appearance of Batman — that honor goes to Detective 27 — this is the first appearance of both The Joker and Catwoman. This beautiful book boasts a bright yellow cover with the dynamic duo flying over Gotham City. The back cover features a pinup of Batman and Robin, with an "autograph" from the team.

This iconic Batman cover was done by the real-life dynamic duo of Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, with the interior story by Bill Finger. These three men shaped and created the legendary Batman mythos and characters, which are celebrated globally. Batman has also been in the pop culture eye for over 75 years, making him an enduring and timeless hero. The current ComicConnect event auction has one, and bidding on it is strong, and ends on May 19th!

The Batman #1 currently for auction at ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConncect
The Batman #1 currently for auction at ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConncect

This universal blue label CGC 3.5 with slightly brittle pages still presents beautifully, with both a complete front and back cover. This book is consistently on every serious comic collector wish list — regardless of if their focus is Timely, MLJ, or any other company. These are hard to find books in any condition, so it's always a treat to find one up for sale.

In 2018, another blue label 3.5 sold for $143400, a strong price point for a lower grade comic. This comic could surpass that, but as of now, that's just speculation. While Batman would see several other #1 issues, none can compete or compare to the true volume 1 number 1 from National Comics.

To bid on this book, you will need a ComicConnect account. It is free and absolutely worth it. This particular auction ends on May 19th and is part of Session 2 of Event Auction #42. You never know what you'll stumble on in a ComicConnect Event Auction!

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