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Miles Morales Debut In CGC 9.8 On Auction At ComicConnect
A CGC 9.8 copy is taking bids at ComicConnect right now, and it is low for this book right now, at $750, and will surely go much higher Check it out below. Credit ComicConnect Miles Morales Goes Up and Up and Up… "1st app of the new Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Highest Graded Ultimate Fallout #4 presents the first-ever[...]
Superman's Original Mustache From Superman #35 Taking Bids Today
Making one of its first appearances on the cover for Superman #35 from 1939, a copy of the book, CGC graded at 3.5, is taking bids at ComicConnect This is a gorgeous copy of the book, very presentable, and features a Superman, mustache and all, posing for a picture with Loid in old-timey clothes Classic[...]
New York World's Fair 1940 Is On Auction At ComicConnect
A copy of this is a sought-after one for sure, and ComicConnect has one taking bids today It is already at $667 as of this writing, so that tells you how rare this book is Check it out below. Credit ComicConnect New York World's Fair Exclusive Comics A 15% BUYER'S PREMIUM WILL BE ADDED TO THIS ITEM AT[...]
Jean Grey #1 CGC Signed By Stan Lee & J. Scott Campbell On Auction
A cover that was a tough get when it was released to 2017's Jean Grey #1 is taking bids at ComicConnect right now, and this copy is special Not only is it a CGC 9.8, but it is signed by Campbell and the legend himself, Stan Lee Right now, it is only at $55 as[...]
Spider-Gwen Hits The $5000 Club At ComicConnect
Routinely selling for thousands of dollars, this copy, a CGC 9.8 taking bids at ComicConnect today, has hit the $5000 mark as of this writing You can see the variant of Spider-Gwen's debut below. Credit ComicConnect Spider-Gwen Hits Rare Air "Robbi Rodriguez cvr/art; 1st app of the new Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) The Edge of Spider-Verse was a collection[...]
Daredevil #1 CGC 9.2 Copy On Auction At ComicConnect Today
This copy, a CGC 9.2 at ComicConnect, is not only gorgeous but is already at $19,075 as of this writing Expect that number to be a lot higher than that by the time this is all said and done Take a look down below at the Daredevil goodness. Credit: ComicConnect Daredevil Debuts And Everyone Wants It "Jack Kirby/Bill[...]
Amazing Spider-Man Featuring The Debut Of Rhino Taking Bids Today
This one is on auction over at ComicConnect, and is a nice displayable copy for the current price of $550 You can see the copy of Amazing Spider-Man on auction down below. Credit ComicConnect Amazing Spider-Man Vs The Rhino One Of The Best. "Cover pencils by John Romita Sr., inks by Mike Esposito and John Romita (touch-ups)[...]
Superman Fans Should Grab New 52 Action #9 Now
Luckily, there is still time to grab this while it is a good buy, like this CGC 9.8 copy at ComicConnect taking bids today Right now, it is sitting at $75 as of this writing, perfect to snag and sit on Check it out below. Credit ComicConnect Superman of Earth-23 Is A Spectacular Pick-Up "Cover by Gene Ha[...]
Jackie Robinson Rare 1952 Topps Miscut Over $25,000 At ComicConnect
The famous miscut, taking bids at ComicConnect today, is graded out at a 1 because it is miscut, but it is one of the only times that is okay The arm of the other player there? No biggie, just Mickey Mantle The price the card is fetching right now? $25,000 Check it out below. Credit ComicConnect Jackie[...]
Zombies Ate My Neighbors, A graded Copy, On Auction At ComicConnect
ComicConnect has this graded copy up for auction today, and it is already at $220, a steal, really I have seen them sell for a lot Credit ComicConnect Zombies Ate My Neighbors Should Be A Move As Well "B Seal Rating; First-party Tube-Seam; Clamshell; Made in Japan; No Rating Port of the Super NES game; Released in Europe[...]
TMNT #1 CGC 9.4 Copy Already At $21,000 At ComicConnect
A CGC 9.4 copy, on auction today at ComicConnect, is already taking bids and is at a whopping $21,000 as of this writing If it keeps going at that pace, this might head well over the $40,000 mark, which would be crazy for this grade It will, too, as Eastman and Laird also sign this on[...]
Blade Debut In CGC 9.8 Taking Bids At ComicConnect, Already $10,000+
This copy, a CGC 9.8, is taking bids at ComicConnect today and is already over $10,000 as of this writing, and that is crazy No way this one doesn't head over $15,000 if I had to guess; it may be a record for Blade And this is with the movie coming six months from now[...]
George Perez Teen Titans Goodness On Auction At ComicConnect
This issue, #44, and taking bids at ComicConnect, features one of the all-time best Deathstroke covers and features Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing Iconic This 9.4 CGC copy of the book is just awesome, and whoever gets it for the $30 they are getting it for is getting a deal Check it out below. Credit ComicConnect George Perez[...]
Miles Morales Marvel Previews Going For Big Bucks At ComicConnect
This copy, a CGC Signature Series copy, is taking bids today at ComicConnect It is signed by artist Clayton Crain in three colors which is kind of cool A 9.0, it currently sits at $210, which is insane for what this is; it boggles my mind Check out Miles Morales on the cover below. Credit ComicConnect Miles Morales[...]
Moon Knight's First Solo Series #1, BId At ComicConnect Today
He has many keys to get, and honestly, you should have already started if you needed them, but one to start with is the #1 of his first solo series, like this CGC 9.8 copy taking bids at ComicConnect The best part is, as of this writing, it is still pretty cheap for such a[...]