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Fake News! Counterfeit Copy Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles At Auction
ComicConnect Sponsored Post You might need more eagle eyes than usual for this one When Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was published, it was a smash hit, going through numerous printings and rising in value, especially with the release of the kid's cartoon So much so that some bright spark decided that they could make money running[...]
Superman's Mustache Origin On Auction At ComicConnect Today
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Superman and his mustache have been the subject of much debate in the world for many years now since the debacle of Josstice League and the Snyder Cut and all that went on with all that But what if I told you that his mustache had been around much, much longer than we[...]
Brave And The Bold #72 Featuring Wild Flash/Spectre Cover On Auction
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Brave and the Bold is one of those old DC Comics series that doesn't get a ton of love outside of a few key issues here and there, but the series features some of the wildest covers of any series from the time period you will see This one, issue #72, features a[...]
Batman #202 On Auction Today At ComicConnect Today
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Batman #202 might just be my favorite comic cover featuring The Dark Knight Something about it and the time period it comes from makes it just a perfect representation of that era of DC Comics A little sinister, a little mystery, and the most iconic versions possible of the characters I am a[...]
Frankenstein Comics #19 On Auction Today At ComicConnect
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Frankenstein Comics is a series that I have had some interest in for some time Running from 1945-1954 from Prize Comics, the series is one of the first horror comics ever printed in America He was so popular that they gave him his own series Listen to how crazy this series sounds: "Like[...]
Micronauts #1 CGC 9.8 On Auction Right Now On ComicConnect
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Micronauts collectors are having a bit of a moment right now The popular toy line was brought to Marvel Comics in the 70's, just like Star Wars, and the comics actually ran much longer than the toy line did, which is pretty impressive if you think about it I know in my shop[...]
How Much Will A Daredevil #1 9.6 Go For After Last Week's Sale?
ComicConnect Sponsored Post The first appearance of Daredevil in a 9.6 CGC slab is up for auction at ComicConnect today And it may well set records for its grade A CGC 9.6 slabbed copy sold in 2010 for $37,000, but this copy at the time of writing, has been bid up to $91,000 and it is[...]
ComicConnect Auction Post - DC Film and Batman TV Props
ComicConnect Sponsored Post ComicConnect has more than just comics up for auction in their lot ending Monday, April 12 There are several DC props up for auction in this lot, like Joker's grille from the 2016 Suicide Squad film and some throwable (fake) weapons from the Titans television series All props come with a certificate of[...]
All-Star Comics #3 and Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2 from upcoming ComicConnect auctions.
If you've browsed auctions from major comics, original artwork, card, game, and collectibles auction house ComicConnect recently, you may have noticed something new in the comment text provided on the auction lots for three sessions from upcoming auctions The Denny O'Neil Estate Collection session of the March Mega Monthly Auction and the incredible Kentucky Collection[...]
X-Men #129 Highest Graded CGC Copy On Auction At ComicConnect
On auction at ComicConnect right now, part of Event Auction #44, is a CGC 9.8 copy of this X-Men book, the highest graded copy that exists Currently sitting at $1527 with only a few hours left, check out the copy below. X-Men #129 CGC 9.8 Credit ComicConnect X-Men Collectors, Don't Bid On This So I Can "The X-Men[...]
TMNT #1 Second Print On Auction At ComicConnect Right Now
All printings too, not just a second print like this one on auction today over at ComicConnect, part of Event Auction #44 There is no explanation for it right now either, besides just general love for the Turtles There is no animated series on the horizon, no film in the pipeline The Last Ronin has[...]
Superman #1 CGC Copy Up For Auction Today At ComicConnect
Over at ComicConnect today, part of Event Auction #44, is a CGC 3.0 copy of the book, fresh to the comic market It is a gorgeous example, with a great, vibrant cover to it, not something you see on this book all the time Sitting at $287,000 right now with a few hours left, most[...]
Star Wars #81 CGC Copy On Auction Over At ComicConnect
On auction over at ComicConnect right now and taking bids for a few more hours is a CGC 9.2 copy, a gorgeous example of this painted cover by Tom Palmer Currently sitting at $116, this one will jump for sure Check it out below. Star Wars #81 CGC 9.2 Credit ComicConnect Star Wars Marvel Comics Still Have[...]
Mystery Tales #52 On Auction At ComicConnect Today
On auction over at ComicConnect right now is a raw copy of said issue of Mystery Tales, part of Event Auction #44, taking bids for a few more hours This one is sitting at $14, so you may be bidding against me on this one Check it out below. Mystery Tales #52 Credit ComicConnect Mystery Tales Are[...]
Classic Iron Man/ Doctor Doom Story On Auction At ComicConnect
This copy, on auction over at ComicConnect right now, is the highest graded copy of this classic CGC has on record, 9.8 It's currently sitting at only $88 with only a few hours left, it is criminal that this Iron Man story is selling for so low That just means that someone is going to[...]