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DC Comics Bring The Fan Service To Robins For DC Fandome
DC Comics' January 2022 solicits include everything they are putting out, including lots of Batman But also Superman & Robin Special #1, Robin #10, Robins #3, and Robin & Batman #3 There are basically a lot of Robins to go around right now The third of those, the Robins series by Tim Seeley and Baldemar[...]
Full DC Comics Solicits For January 2022
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. DC Comics' 2022 Vision in The Daily LITG, 16th October 2021 LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday Full DC Comics January 2022 Solicits & Solicitations, Not Just Batman Lamb Review: This Is A24 at Its Most A24 and It's Awesome Doctor Who Showrunner Russell T Davies Reveals Next Doctor?! Netflix Employee Fired[...]
Scott Snyder's Batman/Fortnite Comic Has The Batman Who Laughs Skin
Scott Snyder is joining Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, the writing team of the upcoming Batman/Fortnite one-shot comic drawn by Joshua Nixson and published by DC Comics Now called Batman/Fortnite: Foundation, it will come with a free download skin for The Batman Who Laughs, Snyder's creation for DC Comics with Jock of a Bruce Wayne infected[...]
DC Comics Solicits Reveal Identity Of Mother Soul
The DC Comics January 2022 solicitations may be a little more revealing for some The character of Mother Soul, running the League of Lazarus and the Lazarus Tournament in the Robin series has been awfully mysterious, but plenty of people had plenty of bets as to who she was. DC Comics Solicits Reveal Identity Of Mother[...]
DC Comics Introduces New Version Of Hourman In 2022
Hourman or Hour-Man is the name of three different fictional superheroes appearing in comics published by DC Comics The original Hourman was created by writer Ken Fitch and artist Bernard Baily in Adventure Comics #48 in 1940 Chemist Rex Tyler, who creates a new synthesis, "Miraclo", which grants him super-strength and endurance, but only for[...]
The Return Of DC's Super-Pets In January 2022
In Batman: Urban Legends #11 out in January 2022, detailed in DC Comics solicitations, Mark Russell and Karl Mostert have an Ace The Bat-Hound story, which will also contain the rest of the DC Legion Of Super-Pets. The Return Of DC's Super-Pets In January 2022 Featuring the likes of Krypto the Superdog, Streaky the Supercat, Beppo the[...]
Full DC Comics Solicits For January 2022
DC Connect, the monthly catalog featuring solicitation information for DC Comics is up and out on Bleeding Cool With original graphic novels, collected editions, and more, everything fans can expect this January …and a hint at what's coming up in 2022 And mostly – but not all – Batman. Full DC Comics January 2022 Solicits & Solicitations,[...]
Meet The New DC Comics Superhero, Doctor Multiverse
Justice League Incarnate #1 is published in November from DC Comics, launching a new character, Doctor Multiverse Much about the new character remains a mystery, but now we can see just what they look like ahead of DC Comics' full solicitation reveal… Doctor Multiverse from Earth 8, caught in the clutches of Darkseid! Doctor Multiverse, cover[...]
Batman Catwoman Special #1 Delayed Another Four Months
DC Comics has rearranged the schedule for the Batman/Catwoman Special #1 by Tom King and the late Static co-creator John Paul Leon It will now be published in an expanded form on the 25th of January, 2022 John Paul Leon died from cancer while drawing this comic book, in May this year, at the age[...]
When Brian Stelfreeze recreated the Nightwing design for DC Comics over twenty-five years ago, he added "finger stripes" A design with blue lines going down the arm and extending into the second and third finger He wore them for over a decade until a redesign And people really wanted them back Brett Booth has a[...]
Garth Ennis & Garry Brown Launch Peecekeeper From DC Comics
Well, I guess, if Marvel Comics doesn't want Garth Ennis to do any more Punisher comics for them, he'll just have to do Peacekeeper for DC Comics, beginning with Peacemaker: Disturbing The Peace #1 from DC Comics in January 2022 And we have a look at a lot of covers and a chunk of black-and-white[...]
Tini Howard, Nico Leon & Jordia Bellaire on Catwoman #39 From January
After her first work for DC Comics in December on Batman: Urban Legends #10 And in January, she will be writing the ongoing Catwoman #39 title, replacing Ram V and being joined by Nico Leon as artist and Jordie Bellaire as colourist, and covers by Jeff Dekal that, as Tini puts it "drip fashion and[...]
DC To Collect Entire Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Omnibus
In March, Bleeding Cool ran the news that DC Comics would be publishing an Omnibus of all the James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series in one big omnibus before the end of the year and it was solicited by DC Comics a few months ago[...]
There Will Be Fewer Flash #775 Than Ordered
DC Comics has informed comic book retailers that The Flash #775, out next week, will be allocated, due to a printing error That shops will receive fewer copies than they ordered And they are urged to contact Lunar Distribution for further details as to how it will affect comic book stores Bleeding Cool has previously[...]
Batman Returns To Rocket League For Haunted Hallows 2021
You're going to be getting several cars from the DC Comics franchise, some from properties you know and others made up for the game The big three being added are the classic 1989 Batmobile from the Tim Burton films, the 2005 version from the Christopher Nolan series, and the 2016 version introduced in Batman V[...]