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Prepare For Fear With Tweeterhead’s New DC Comics Scarecrow Statue
Tweeterhead has revealed their next DC Comics statue with the return of of of Batman's big villains; Scarecrow This 1/6 Scale Maquette will stand 20" tall and will showcase the deadly villain on an Arkham Asylum base with scythe in hand and his signature Fear Toxin spreading around Two versions will be offered from Tweeterhead,[...]
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in their Weddimg Dresses
The new Harley Quinn: The Eat Bang And Kill Tour comic book spinoff of the Harley Quinn animated series is being published by DC Comics in August and promises to be as batshit crazy as the TV show Possibly even more so The first two issue solicitations state "Following the wedding disaster of the decade,[...]
Hero Collector DC Graphic Novel & Marvel Figurine Oct 2021 Solicits
Hero Collector from Eaglemoss is early doors for their October 2021 solicitations, with graphic novels from DC Comics and movie figurines from Marvel. HERO COLLECTOR GRAPHIC NOVELS – DC SUPER HEROES Hero Collector brings together some of DC's most critical superhero adventures in a series of hardback collections, each including classic bonus material from the Golden[...]
Damian Wayne Would Have Been The Big Bad Of The 5G DC Universe
In recent days, Bleeding Cool has reported that James Tynion IV chose to write DC Vs Vampires as an out of continuity series rather than work on any of the 5G series at DC Comics after it was planned he would stop writing Batman with #100 in time for a reboot by John Ridley with[...]
Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow As Phoenix?
Two DC Comics out today tap into Marvel's X-Men comic books, it seems The first, Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #2 by Tom King and Bilquis Evely sees her take a special kind of Red Kryptonite Classically shown to cause odd behavior or bizarre transformations, albeit temporary and non-fatal, the effects of red kryptonite typically last[...]
Good Smile Company Reveals New Batman Art Respect Statue
Good Smile Company is changing up their usual releases as they unveiled their first-ever DC Comics Art Respect statue with Batman Based on an illustration of the Dark Knight, this Caped Crusader is taking to the skyline of Gotham with this 16.92" tall statue The statue features a unique comic book style design with deco[...]
Grant Morrison Predicted Events Of 2020 and 2021 In 2007's Batman #666
Batman #666 by Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, and Jesse Delperdang was a side-switch to the main storyline they were creating in the Batman comic book for DC Comics fifteen years ago It showed a future where Damian Wayne was Batman, his father Bruce Wayne, and adoptive brother Dick Grayson long gone And this Batman was[...]
Superman No Longer In The Justice League? Shazam/Blue & Gold Spoilers
Welcome to DC Comics' Infinite Frontier… BLUE & GOLD #1 (OF 8) CVR A RYAN SOOK (W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Ryan Sook Desperate to regain the spotlight, Booster Gold looks to attract the public's (and Justice League's) attention the same way any washed-up, second-rate hero would—social media The not-so-tech-savvy hero from the 25th century enlists the help of[...]
Who Is The Mystery DC Comics Credit Thief? Not Paul Levitz…
The issues with Batman and Bob Kane, and Superman and Siegel and Shuster were too old (and also mentioned elsewhere in the article), Black Lightning for which credits have been contended over the years hasn't had a movie, just a TV show, but one suggestion from DeepSpaceTransmissions went a little viral, especially after Rob Liefeld[...]
For the First Time, The Full DC Comics Timeline Planned By Dan DiDio
Last month, we got a better look at the DC Comics Timeline that was announced in 2019, meant to have been in the Free Comic Book Day comic for 2020 (until a million copies were pulped) and then was done away with as publisher Dan DiDio was fired Since then we have managed to get[...]