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Key Comics #1,4 (Consolidated Magazines, 1944-1946).
The publisher is… probably… unrelated to the Consolidated Magazines which published pulp-adjacent titles like Blue Book, Red Book, and Green Book in the 1920s and the likes of Peppy Stories and Paris Nights in the 1930s.  Like many publishers who quickly jumped in and out of comics in the 1944-1945 in a likely bid to[...]
Alex Schomburg cover on All-New Comics #8 (Harvey Publications, 1944)
Superheroes with various kinds of fire-based power were practically their own category in the Golden Age.   Marvel/Timely's Human Torch and his sidekick Toro are the most famous of these, of course, but there's also Fox Feature's the Flame, MLJ's Fireball, Centaur's Fireman, Quality's Wildfire, Nedor's Pyroman, and numerous others.  Legendary cover artist Alex Schomburg played[...]
Captain Flight Comics #5 (Four Star, 1944)
A desirable issue of a tough series, there's a Captain Flight Comics #5 (Four Star, 1944) CGC VG+ 4.5 Cream to off-white pages up for auction in the 2024 May 30 Adventures in the Golden Age Comics Showcase Auction #40261 at Heritage Auctions. Captain Flight Comics #5 (Four Star, 1944) The series seemed to hit its stride[...]
Crack Comics #17 (Quality, 1941)
The Clock was the first masked hero of the Golden Age, who eventually led the way for later iconic characters such as Batman and Superman Add in early appearances of the Black Condor by the legendary Lou Fine, and this series has a historical significance that continues to stand the test of time.  The are[...]
Gold Medal Comics #nn (Cambridge House, 1945)
An obscure but fascinating Golden Age giant comic book, there's a Gold Medal Comics #nn (Cambridge House, 1945) CGC FN- 5.5 Off-white pages up for auction in the 2024 May 30 Adventures in the Golden Age Comics Showcase Auction #40261 at Heritage Auctions. Gold Medal Comics #nn (Cambridge House, 1945) Little is known about Cambridge House Publishers. [...]
Brick Bradford #6 (Standard, 1948)
One of his other robot covers from this era, the infamous Bender prototype cover of Startling Comics #49, is one of the most highly-desired non-Marvel/DC comic books of the Golden Age.  Another stand-out example of what made Alex Schomburg so great, Brick Bradford #6 (Standard, 1948) cover by Alex Schomburg. In regards to the artistry of Alex[...]
Super-Mystery Comics #1 (Ace, 1940)
Instead, he chooses to devote his life to fighting evil of all kinds." The entire Ace superhero line is incredibly underrated, and Magno in Super-Mystery Comics was among the best of the bunch, and a lot of the run is tough to get.  An important superhero debut from the early WWII era, there's a nice copy[...]
Captain Science #6 (Youthful Magazines, 1951)
But the final story of the issue, "World War III with the Ants" by unknown creators, is the real stand-out story here.  An overlooked issue from the atomic age, there's a high-grade Captain Science #6 (Youthful Magazines, 1951) CGC VF 8.0 Off-white to white pages up for auction in the 2024 May 30 Adventures in[...]
Jumbo Comics covers by Maurice Whitman.
We recently noted that the series Ghost Comics is in demand by vintage collectors, largely due to the covers of an underrated artist of the late Golden Age, Maurice Whitman.  But Whitman's work graced a large number of comics of the mid-1940s through the early 1950s that are undeservedly overlooked After serving in WWII, Whitman[...]
Super-Mystery Comics #3 (Ace, 1940)
According to a lawsuit over the creation of Ace Periodicals comic books during this era, Magno the Magnetic Man and the rest of the material in Super-Mystery Comics #1 was the creation of a comic production studio run by Patrick Lamar.  At least two stories in this issue were based on plots from past Ace[...]
Future Comics #1 (David McKay Publications, 1940)
The short-lived and obscure title Future Comics may be one of the weirdest comic book series of the Golden Age — and that's saying something.  Best known for its covers that include a strange-looking science fiction character named Rebo wearing bizarre headgear, the story behind that imagery may be even stranger than the covers implies. [...]
Victory Comics #3 (Hillman Publications, 1941)
The emphasis is on story and character values."  While Air Fighters Comics, which introduced Airboy in its second issue, is certainly not a superhero comic book, Victory Comics is another matter entirely.  That series features a character called the Conqueror, very decidedly a superhero, created by the legendary Bill Everett of Sub-Mariner fame.  An overlooked[...]
Fight Comics #12 (Fiction House, 1941)
This might be the case, but as the Rip Regan, Power Man saga progressed in Fight Comics, another possible connection emerged with issue #12 — which happens to be the earliest known comic book work of legendary artist Reed Crandall.  There is a very nice Fight Comics #12 (Fiction House, 1941) CBCS GD/VG 3.0 Cream[...]
Green Lantern Alan Scott Vs J Edgar Hoover Over Homosexual Blackmail
But all this is getting a bit heavy, right? And it's time for Obsidian to make the joke that everyone has been making since Bleeding Cool first scooped the story of Alan Scott being a gay man back in 2012. Yup, the Golden Age Green Lantern's power weakness is wood… ALAN SCOTT THE GREEN LANTERN #6 (OF[...]
All-Funny Comics #16 featuring Superman, Batman, Robin imposters.
In early 1945, he hurled out his ultimatum: "You buy me out or I'll buy you out." We do know that Gaines's relationship with Donenfeld was volatile during this period, to the point that he severed the branding tie-up with DC Comics that year, briefly using the All-American brand on covers rather than the DC Comics[...]
Master Comics #21 (Fawcett Publications, 1941)
take part in an epic battle against a character called Captain Nazi, who had been ordered by Hitler to take America's heroes down.  This iconic battle of good vs evil began in  Master Comics #21, then continued in Whiz Comics #25 and Master Comics #22.  There's an affordable copy of the beginning of this historic[...]
Air Fighters Comics V2#2 featuring Valkyrie (Hillman Fall, 1943)
One of the most memorable female characters of the Golden Age with an iconic cover by Kida, there are copies of several of her appearances up for auction in the 2024 May 30 Adventures in the Golden Age Comics Showcase Auction #40261 at Heritage Auctions. Air Fighters Comics V2#2 featuring Valkyrie (Hillman, Fall, 1943) Valkyrie's greatest desire[...]
Doll Man #44 (Quality, 1953)
The post-war Doll Man era is an excellent example of the quality comics that were produced by Quality Comics in the 1950s, and there's a nice batch of several issues from Doll Man #27-47 many of which include Bill Ward's legendary character Torchy (often drawn by Gill Fox here) up for auction in the 2024[...]
Blazing Comics #2 featuring the Green Turtle (Rural Home, 1944).
Hing's work on this series is an underappreciated moment from the Golden Age of comic books There are copies of Blazing Comics up for auction in the 2024 May 30 Adventures in the Golden Age Comics Showcase Auction #40261 at Heritage Auctions. Blazing Comics #2 featuring the Green Turtle (Rural Home, 1944). In 2014, cartoonist Gene Luen Yang[...]
Four Favorites #6 (Ace, 1942)
Ace Periodicals' Four Favorites title was a similar concept to Fox's Big 3, DC Comics' All-Star Comics and All-Winners Comics.  It was an anthology series that featured some of the publisher's most popular characters that ran for 32 issues from 1941 to 1947.  This started out as including the superheroics of Magno and Davey, Vulcan,[...]
Smash Comics #21 (Quality, 1941)
"Busy" Arnold's Quality Comics, Smash Comics started out as an anthology featuring a fairly typical if well-executed mix of pulp-inspired adventure heroes and humor.  But by issue #14, the superhero character The Ray was introduced in stories beautifully drawn by legendary artist Lou Fine.  The character began to get periodic cover-features in the title by[...]
Hit Comics #5 (Quality, 1940)
Despite working on and co-creating numerous characters now considered obscure, Lou Fine was considered one of the best artists of the Golden Age.  He was an artist that even other comic book greats admired, and his cover work for publishers Fox Feature Syndicate, Fiction House, and Quality Comics is still highly regarded by collectors to[...]
Smash Comics #3 (Quality, 1939) featuring Bozo the Iron Man.
It has occasionally been remarked that Bozo the Iron Man from the Golden Age of comics can be seen as an early precursor to Marvel's Iron Man, albeit with a more comical appearance and a name that has come to be identified with something else entirely But the original concept basically embodies the concept of[...]
Super Comics #25 featuring Magic Morro (Dell Publications, 1940).
Dell Publishing is best known for its iconic Disney comics, but the company also dabbled in other genres during the Golden Age, including pulp-style heroes and superheroes One such example is the Super Comics series, which featured an eclectic mix of comic strip reprints but eventually included original characters from Dell Among these characters is[...]
Green Lantern #30 featuring Streak the Wonder Dog (DC, 1948)
Streak the Wonder Dog was not the first dog hero of the Golden Age of comics.  Bulletdog (Bulletman #10, cover-dated December 1942) and Rang-A-Tang (Blue Ribbon Comics #1, November 1939) among others came along earlier.  But Streak did debut seven years before Krypto (Adventure Comics #210, March 1955), and his history and legacy have taken[...]