Psylocke is Still Caucasian, A Cure for Zombieism, and Other Observations from the Uncanny X-Men Teaser

Earlier today, Marvel revealed their plans for November's Uncanny X-Men revival, with an all-star creative team consisting of Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, Matthew Rosenberg, Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar, and Pere Pérez delivering a 10-part weekly story, with no Chris Claremont anywhere in sight. But while we were distracted by the creative team, we had barely any chance to take in the teaser art itself, by David Marquez and Rachelle Rosenberg. Can any clues be gleaned as to the storyline that "brings together nearly every mutant left on earth in a story that threatens to destroy them – an epic tale of mystery and tragic disappearance, with an adventure so earth-shattering, it could very well be the X-Men's FINAL mission!"

Very noticeable on the bottom right is Psylocke in her Caucasian body, a turn of events that we should learn more about when the final issue of Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor hits stores later this month. There's no sign of the time-displaced teenage X-Men to be found — more evidence that they'll be gone after Extermination, or a red herring? Also no adult Cyclops, though we're sure Marvel will do the right thing and bring him back eventually. Another missing mutant: the recently returned Wolverine.

Jean Grey takes front and center, flanked by other X-Men leaders Kitty Pryde and Storm. And Gambit and Rogue, back on Earth? Is the honeymoon over already? Sunspot? Sunfire? Firestar? And Banshee is looking well compared to his recent appearances in Astonishing X-Men

Care to speculate with us? Post your own observations in the comments.

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