A Comic Show – Superman's Doomed But Batman's Eternal

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom! I'm Aaron from A Comic Shop, and I love comics. This is a little show I do every Tuesday called New Comics Now. This week I'm still riding the high of Free Comic Book Day, and love how the publishers have timed some of their strongest books for this season.

Futures End #2 has Green Arrow's funeral (and eulogy by Animal Man), but this title is "five years later" so you can still get your Ollie fix over in Justice League United. Superman Doomed is here with three parts in one day! The one shot is the battle with Doomsday, them Infected takes things in a more interesting direction. And Batman Eternal continues to rock me every week. This issue is a Spectre-heavy treat.

At Marvel, Avengers #29 continues Original Sin with Stark's sin coming out in the open. Even though it retreads both the Civil War rift between Iron Man and Captain America, and the plot of heroes mind wiping heroes like with Batman in Identity Crisis, it was actually quite entertaining. Maybe I'm just a fan of Tony and Steve's on again off again bromance.

After All Out War, Walking Dead jumps to a new start. It worked well for me, I don't want to spoil anything specific, but I did talk about the premise of this new start in the video. And if you're a Brian Michael Bendis fan, and old school BMS fan, or a Powers fan, pick up the new United States of Murder Inc. It's an America where the federal government gave up the east coast to the mob, and what they did with it. Most things seem worse, but the last page shows something panned out better for New York.

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