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Cover image for ARROWSMITH #1 (OF 6) CVR B JOHNSON (MR)
Launching from Image Comics in January 2022, is the new Arrowsmith series by Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jose Rafael Fonteriz, and Jose Villarrubia as Kurt Busiek brings his creator-owned line from DC Comics to Image Comics While Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood start their own imprint at Image as well, kicking off with an adaptation[...]
Image Launch Creator Imprints, Starting With Chris Ryall & Ashley Wood’
Back in October 2019, Bleeding Cool reported that Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson was "quietly working with an A-List group of creators to launch the first of a number of official Image Comics imprints Lines of new content that will be curated by these creators themselves with Stephenson's direct involvement Current brands Skybound, Top Cow,[...]
Juni Ba Launches His Monkey Meat At Image Comics In January 2022
French Senagal comic book creator Juni Ba, creator of the graphic novel The Unlikely Story of Felix and Macabber, the comic Djelilya from TKO, and much-appreciuated cover artists for either people's comic books, has a new comic book series, launching from Image Comics in January 2022 A new fantasy universe in an upcoming five issue miniseries[...]
But for now, it is a sci-fi romance new comic book series by Wyatt Kennedy and Luana Vecchio, launching in January from Image Comics I don't know about the ice rink, but it does start off rather snowy… An all-new sci-fi/romance begins in the upcoming Bolero by rising stars Wyatt Kennedy and Luana Vecchio[...]
'What's The Furthest Place From Here' Definitely Being Optioned
Matthew Rosenberg recently took a YouTube interview to help promote the launch of the upcoming What's The Furthest Place From Here comic book with Tyler Boss, published by Image Comics As well as talking about the ideas behind the book and the process of it creation, Rosenberg also reiterated that 4 Kids Walk Into A[...]
Mark Millar Gets COVID After Netflix Meetings in London's West End
Mark Millar has sent out his latest newsletter talking up his Netflix projects, Image Comics titles and the general adventures of Mark Millar in entertainment land Last we heard, he was moving from Coatbridge in Scotland to my own county of Surrey, on the borders of London, which means he will probably be in the[...]
Jonathan Hickman Has Finished Writing The Black Monday Murders
The Black Monday Murders was a comic book series by Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker published by Image Comics in August 2016 The first four issues were published monthly, but with a gap between the fourth issue in 2016 and the fifth in April 2017 Two more issues were published in June and September, but[...]
PrintWatch: Godkiller, Sweet Paprika
And that second ptinting has now topped this week's Advance Reorders list as well, closely followed by Chip Zdarsky and Jacob Phillips' Newburn, both from Image Comics. What's The Furthest Place From Here #1 Tops Advance Reorders Again Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain[...]
Image Comics Delayed From This Wednesday To The Next Week
Bleeding Cool has mentioned that while Image Comics is currently not experiencing any printer or paper supply issues that might impact their publishing schedule of comic books affecting other publishers, there are also issues with shipping and distribution all over the place right now And that will be hitting next week's comic books from Image[...]
Image Announces Second Printing for A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance
Image Comics has announced that A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance, the new series by Rick Remender and André Araújo, has sold out and will return to press for a second printing, proving once and for all that just as people who criticize Rick Remender have a righteous thirst for hobo piss, so too do comic[...]
PrintWatch: Godkiller, Sweet Paprika
Just wanted to put that out there? When you spend a hundred hours and thousands of dollars promoting your work sometimes you just want to take some of the credit." TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDERS COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPS Publication Price Publisher WHATS THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE #1 DLX ED 7 INCH RECORD $14.99 IMAGE COMICS WHATS THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE #1 CVR[...]
Saga by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples Returns In January 2022
Announced at the In Conversation with Brian K Vaughan panel at New York Comic Con, as part of a video chat between Brian and Fiona Staples, they announced the return of Saga, with Saga #55 published by Image Comics on the 26th of January, 2022 "Other than my own family, collaborating with Fiona Staples on[...]
Interview: Justin Jordan Chats Summoners War: Legacy Comic Book
Would you like to win a free copy of Summoners War Legacy released by Image Comics? All you need is a Twitter account The game's publisher Com2uS is currently holding court at New York Comic Con this weekend showing off a ton of stuff related to the franchise, including the new comic book They've given[...]
PrintWatch: Godkiller, Sweet Paprika
"With the fourth issue, the Devil lady's situation will become even more complex, intriguing, and…sexy! I can't wait people to read, and looking forward to returning to the United States to meet the readers in person, I thank them from afar for their support!" PrintWatch:  Mirka Andolfo's Sweet Paprika #3 2nd printing MIRKA ANDOLFO SWEET PAPRIKA #3 (OF[...]
PrintWatch: Godkiller, Sweet Paprika
The reunited 4 Kids Walk into a Bank creative team of Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss have exceeded all sales projections orders topping 95.000 for the upcoming What's the Furthest Place From Here? That's the biggest selling comic from either creator to date, and another example of Image Comics finding new sales levels on books[...]