united states of murder inc

14th January 2015 – A New Bendis Day?

A few months ago. we looked at what appeared to be Bendis Day, four creator owned books written by Brian Bendis, all late but all scheduled to be published on September 10th. Brilliant #6, originally meant to come out in May 2012. Powers: Bureau #11, originally for December 2013. Scarlet #8, originally for April 2013. And The United States of Murder, Inc #5, originally […]

A Comic Show – Superman's Doomed But Batman's Eternal

And if you're a Brian Michael Bendis fan, and old school BMS fan, or a Powers fan, pick up the new United States of Murder Inc It's an America where the federal government gave up the east coast to the mob, and what they did with it Most things seem worse, but the last page[...]

First Look At United States Of Murder Inc From Bendis And Oeming

The United States Of Murder Inc. and we have your first look. In this bold and oversized debut, discover a world in which organized crime runs rampant, the crime families never lost their stranglehold, and the five families hold on the United States is stronger than ever On the day Valentine Gallo becomes a made man, he’ll[...]