EXCLUSIVE: Ambush Bug #6 Is Dead, Long Live Ambush Bug #7

Ambush_Bug_Year_None_6Ambush Bug is a satirical character in the DC Universe, honed to perfection by Keith Giffen. I followed his tales with glee in the eighties and the nineties, indeed, the character actually introduced me to aspects of the DC Universe I'd have never visited otherwise. But he didn't last, internal politics and sales on the book never quite gelling.

Last year, DC Editor Jann Jones brought Keith Giffen back to Ambush Bug with the mini-series Ambush Bug:Year None. And for five issues, a few missing speech balloons aside, things went fairly smoothly.

And then #6 didn't happen. It had been finished, Executive editor Dan DiDio talked about it sitting on his desk, needing a few amends, but still nothing. Then more nothing. Then a whole lot more nothing. Had a line been overstepped?

Now I understand we will see a brand new issue, Ambush Bug #7.  And #6 will become one of those unpublished legends…slipping underneath Lobo: Hand To Hand Job in those long DC bottom shelves…

I asked Keith Giffen what was up with Ambush Bug. He told me "He's taking Paul's job."

Thanks for that…

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