Codename Action's Jonathan Lau, The Ultimate Dynamite Artist

Dynamite have been searching for a particular kind of artist for sometime. Basically, they want a cross between Alex Ross and John Cassaday. And he's been under their noses, Jonathan Lau, exclusive to Dynamite, is the closet they are going to get for a regular interior artist. After working on Battlestar Galactica, Red Sonja, Project Superpowers and lots of Green Hornet, in September he'll be drawing Codename Action #1. This preview, especially the scenes around the Eiffel Tower, are a jump up for him. It's hard to conceive that super stardom isn't beckoning. And that a couple of other companies aren't considering how to tempt him away…

Action01-01 Action01-02 Action01-03 Action01-04 Action01-10REV Action01-11 Action01-14REV Action01-21REV

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