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Covers by Philip Tan and Jonathan Lau, and then there's a gameplay cover. DAN WICKLINE: Since it started as a video game, let's start there Had you played the Hitman video game prior to being offered the project? How much is the new comic series tied to the game? Would it help to have played the game prior[...]
Sebela And Lau Team For 'Agent 47: Birth Of The Hitman'
Dynamite Entertainment has announced that writer Christopher Sebela (Green Lantern/Space Ghost), and artist Jonathan Lau (Battlestar Galactica) are set to team up to bring the world of the popular video game franchise Hitman to the pages of comics, thanks to a new partnership with transmedia outfit Gunpowder Studios, in conjunction with video game developer IO Interactive[...]
Writer's Commentary – James Sutter Talks Pathfinder Runescars #2
Dynamite has sent us a new Writer's Commentary, this time with writer James Sutter talking about Pathfinder: Runescars #2 with a cover by Jonathan Lau with interiors by Ediano Silva. Page 1 Valeros being a badass, as usual One of my favorite things about writing the Pathfinder comics is the sort of jaded snark that experienced adventurers can[...]
Writer's Commentary – Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder: Worldscape #3
Dynamite has sent over a new Writer's Commentary from Erik Mona for Pathfinder: Worldscape #3. The cover art is by Reilly Brown and interiors by Jonathan Lau. Pathfinder Worldscape #3, the third issue in Dynamite's sword & sorcery crossover event, is on newsstands now In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought it would be fun[...]
Writer's Commentary – Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder: Worldscape #2
Cover by Reilly Brown and interiors by Jonathan Lau. Pathfinder Worldscape #2, the second issue in Dynamite's sword & sorcery superstar crossover series, is on newsstands now, providing me the perfect opportunity to crack open my skull and share secrets, hidden details, and insight into the thought processes and decisions behind the issue. The title of the[...]
Writer's Commentary: Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder Worldscape #1
A Writer's Commentary: Erik Mona talks Pathfinder Worldscape #1, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Reilly Brown, interiors by Jonathan Lau. I first started chatting with Dynamite about crossing over all of their amazing sword & sorcery and pulp fantasy characters with the heroes of the Pathfinder RPG way back in 2013, and in many ways[...]
Corinna S. Bechko Talks The First Superhero Created And Drawn By A Woman
Covers by Tula Lotay and Jonathan Lau. DAVID AVALLONE: I hadn't been following this series, so I came into #4 in media res and it was fantastically entertaining I'm going to pick up the first three I also was not familiar with Miss Fury When did you discover her? Was she created in the period? CORINNA S[...]
Corinna Bechko's Writer Commentary For Miss Fury Vol 2 #1
A Writer's Commentary: Corinna Bechko on Miss Fury #1, on sale today from Dynamite. Interior art is by Jonathan Lau. Page 1 It was important to me that we meet Marla at work, because so much of the story is about her various identities, and what she does for a living is a very important to her[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Gold Key Alliance #1 And Miss Fury #1
The second preview is for a new Miss Fury series by Corinna Bechko and Jonathan Lau Jonathan nailed the art on the last Solar: Man of the Atom series so it's nice to see him get another heroine to work with. Gold Key Alliance #1 writer: Phil Hester artist: Brent Peeples covers: Felipe Massafera (a), Phil Hester[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Codename Action #1 By Robeson And Lau
They're focusing on the pulp / noir issues and to go along with it, we've got Codename Action #1 by Chris Roberson and Jonathan Lau free for you to read And the cover is by Jae Lee. Check out the full issue below and you can see more at the sale here. If you are a fan of[...]
Jonathan Lau's Cover Art For John Carter: Warlord Of Mars
Here we have the process art for the John Carter Warlord of Mars #7 cover by Jonathan Lau with colors by Ivan Nunes The Dynamite series is by writer Ron Marz and artist Abhishek Malsuni based on the characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. John Carter and Dejah Thoris have survived the invasion of Mars, but rest[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1
The series was written by Alex Ross, Steve Darnall and Pete Morisi with Art by Jonathan Lau and Morisi and Covers by Ross The collection clocks in at a whopping 304 pages. Peter Cannon is a world-famous author, an international celebrity, and the superhero known as Thunderbolt, acknowledged far and wide as the man who saved[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Kevin Smith's Bionic Man #1
Before Dynamite's current season of the Six Million Dollar Man, they did a series about the Bionic Man written by Kevin Smith and his Green Arrow partner Phil Hester along with art by Jonathan Lau Now to go with a Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman sale on ComiXology this weekend, Dynamite is given[...]
Red Sonja Goes Manga In Red Sonja And Cub By Jim Zub And Jonathan Lau
They've turned her over to Jim Zub and Jonathan Lau to create an over-sized manga-style one-shot called Red Sonja And Cub This special edition will feature a cover by Jeffery Cruz and hit stands in April. In Red Sonja and Cub, blood will rain down upon the snowy ground as the She-Devil With A Sword battles[...]