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Free On Bleeding Cool – Codename Action #1 By Robeson And Lau

They're focusing on the pulp / noir issues and to go along with it, we've got Codename Action #1 by Chris Roberson and Jonathan Lau free for you to read And the cover is by Jae Lee.Check out the full issue below and you can see more at the sale here.If you are a fan of[...]

Tomorrow Appears To Be Dynamite Wednesday

Rich writes, Tomorrow, Dynamite Entertainment will be publishing twelve new comics, two collections and two archival volumes re-presenting classic titles. In comparison, Premier publishers Dark Horse has  twelve monthly titles, IDW has fourteen, Image has ten, DC has nineteen and Marvel has sixteen. I wonder how long it will be before Dynamite starts barging its […]

Mark Waid Chats With Codename: Action And The Shadow's Chris Roberson

Dynamite Entertainment loves doing peer-to-peer interviews and then sending them over to us. Well, all this week we get to see Mark Waid in action as interlocutor on behalf of Bleeding Cool. Here he sits down with Chris Roberson the writer on the Codename: Action and The Shadow series. Mark Waid: Chris, I pity you […]

Codename Action #1 Sells Out Of 9,305 Print Run

Codename Action #1, the new comic starring the Captain Action character from Dynamite has sold out its 9,305 print run at Diamond, with Dynamite rushing a second print run. Joining it, is Black Bat #5 From the fourth to the fifth issue, Dynamite dropped the amount of covers on the title from four to two, retailer[...]

Codename Action's Jonathan Lau, The Ultimate Dynamite Artist

After working on Battlestar Galactica, Red Sonja, Project Superpowers and lots of Green Hornet, in September he'll be drawing Codename Action #1 This preview, especially the scenes around the Eiffel Tower, are a jump up for him It's hard to conceive that super stardom isn't beckoning And that a couple of other companies aren't considering[...]