New Trailer For Paranormal Activity 3, Use Twitter To See The Movie First

New Trailer For Paranormal Activity 3, Use Twitter To See The Movie First

Well, I suppose there are worse ways to generate hype about a film, or at least to gauge whether there's any interest in it in the first place.

Paramount Pictures have released a second trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 and along with it announced a "Tweet To See It First" campaign. The campaign will decide the first 20 cities to have screenings of the film. Here's how it works, according to the press release:

In an unprecedented move, Paramount Pictures will debut PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 exclusively in cities where the most fans "Tweet To See It First". This first ever of its kind campaign launched today at 8:00 a.m. PDT and is open to fans worldwide. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 will premiere on October 18th in the top 20 cities with the most tweets, 3 days before the film's global release.

To vote, fans can go to and select their city from a global map, which will also serve as the point of entry to create a tweet with a special set of hash tags that link directly to twitter. Once a tweet posts, it counts as a vote. A leader board will show the top 20 global markets in real-time.

So here's the trailer. Before I watch it I'm going to use my psychic powers to make a prediction about what happens in it. Hmmm … the spirits are showing me something … I see … I see…

… I see a door not moving for 5 hours, and then moving slightly.

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Damn, so close.

OK, so my first response is this: video cameras in 1988 did not look that good. Hell, a lot of video cameras in 2011 don't look that good. This family needs to stop worrying about poltergeists and start worrying about the fact that they own technology from the future!

So in case you didn't know, this is a prequel to Paranormal Activity, showing all the exciting stuff that happened to Katie and her sister when they were children. So at least you know that no one in the family gets killed by the ghostly presence, unless that's just something that Katie forgot to mention later on.

The movie was directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, previously responsible for Catfish, which is at least a promising sign.

For those who fail to tweet with all your heart, it'll be released in a cinema near you on 21st October 2011.