No New Doctor At Doctor Who Prom – Saturday Trending Topics

doctor who logo blackA day of anticipation, and then… nothing. Ah well, that's prom for you.  And that was a good call because tonight's Doctor Who Prom is over now, and there was no new Doctor anywhere to be seen. There were, however, old Doctors. And companions. And monsters. Some singers. And an Orchestra.

Most-Read Comic Stories Saturday:

Anatomy Lessons – All Star Superman #10

For my money, All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is the most potent, enduring portrayal of Superman that comics has ever produced.

What Were They Thinking? – Unus The Untouchable

We are back for another installment of no one's favorite game… What Were They Thinking? That's right, last week we debuted with the colorful creation of Steve Ditko and Joe Gill, Doctor Spectro. This week we are going to move across town to the self-proclaimed House Of Idea and take a look at a creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

The Star Wars – Mayhew Imagining Lucas Part I

In the interest of full-disclosure, Mike Mayhew and I go a ways back. He did the cover for my book The Unusual Suspects and I scripted and he drew the Image Comics series Savage. So after hearing about The Star Wars, I wanted to set up a series of interviews so we could really look at the creation of the series in depth. He happily agreed. So this is the first of a few part interview about a very unique and exciting series.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Saturday:

Despite Rumours, They Didn't Announce The New Doctor Who At The Proms

We can trace the rumours back to Stephen Hart, the novelist. He posted to his Facebook page:

We're Hearing More Talk About Daniel Rigby Being The Next Doctor Who

We've raised the possibility of Daniel Rigby being the next Doctor before. But now we're hearing more and more about this. Actor-type people have been talking and gossiping among themselves and their talk has made it all the way to our ears.

Ender's Game To Get Card-Rebutting LGBT Benefit Premiere

Orson Scott Card, the author of the original Ender's Game novel, is a member of The National Organisation For Marriage – a misnomer, really, because one of their targets actually is marriage, specifically the marriage of same-sex partners.


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