Sammie Reads: Lumberjanes #9 Brings The Spooky In December

By Sammie Rice

Greetings, readers!

Here we are, at the end of 2014 already. This year has been full of some of my favorite pieces of literature ever and I'm so glad I was given this platform as a way to connect with others and discussing some really great stuff!

Since most television shows and comic book issues have been scrambling to release their mid-season finales and last issues before the holidays, it can be a little overwhelming as a viewer and reader. I have a check list of comic books to make sure I grab before my Christmas holiday in the mountains (Please, oh please, let there be snow!). I'm a little too excited at the thought of curling up next to the fire with Saga volume 4.

I'm not going to lie; I love the holiday season. I love the festive lights around town, the apple cider from my local coffee shop, and any reason at all to buy gifts for others and maybe myself just a little. But with all the Christmas cheer floating around like a blissful fog, is there something that's missing? More tinsel? A Santa hat? How about a Lumberjane's scary story-palooza?


image_1In addition to the regularly brilliant writing talents of Noelle Stevenson and Shannon Watters with the fabulous illustrations and colors by Brittney Williams and Maarta Laiho, we are gifted with each chilling tale drawn by special guest artists! Below is part of the inside cover that lets you know which artist did which creepy ghost story:

image_4I'll admit, I was pretty skeptical of the theme when I saw the cover for this issue since it features our cute heroines in silly/scary poses around a campfire. I started reading the issue and was really pleased with the flow of the story since this is a melting pot of different artists illustrating different ghost stories narrated by each of the girls. I feel like this story would have been much more suited for a Halloween special, but I know that probably wasn't feasible since the team was only recently given the green light to extend the mini-series into a regular monthly comic (HAVE I MENTIONED HOW THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER?).

image_3We all know how completely unique and diverse each character is which makes each ghost story they tell all the more fun. While some of the stories are just about as scary as Sharknado (I'm looking at you, Jen), there are others that might make you regret reading this issue in the dark!

image_2My favorite story has to be "Lonely Road" illustrated by Carolyn Nowak. It may be because it would be such a great movie plot, or maybe it's just because the other girls' reactions are just so hilarious.

imageMake sure to pick up Lumberjanes #9 at your friendly, local, neighborhood comic book store! Please stay safe this season and and remember to let your loved ones know you care. Thanks a million for reading and I hope your end of December is bright and merry!

This holiday season I am thankful for my friends and my family. I am thankful for this opportunity to gush about my favorite things. I am thankful for the nerdy comic book community.

I am sincerely thankful for Lumberjanes.

Sammie Rice is a Florida comic book store employee and proud Valkyrie. She enjoys long strolls through the park in Pterodactyl-free zones. Find her on Twitter and Instagram: @SammieReads

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