The Great Cutting And Pasting Of X-Men Regenesis 1 And Generation Hope 12

Kieron Gillen's final issue of Generation Hope is a whopping 25 pages for $2.99. While his X-Men Regenesis #1 is a whopping 34 pages at $3.99. How are they bucking the current Marvel price points?

Well, by time share. By using the same four pages.

X-Men Regenesis #1 tells the story of each of the Utopia X-Men, and their decision to stay with Cyclops or go with Wolverine. Or in Psylocke's case, to do  both. All framed with an allegorical storytelling device that at first glance made me think they were putting Marville into continuity.  We're shown an imaginary primitive fight scene about to take place as players take sides around a camp fire. The first line spoken, however is "this isn't a fight" and it turns out to be right. There are only two people fighting here. This is a parting of ways. Which means a number of allegiances being broken and new ones formed. Generation Hope #12 tells the same story with Hope and the Five Lights, with more detail, more British youth slang from the nineties used as a seduction technique and more cannibalism. They say that the kids suffer most in a divorce, and so it is here.

So, could we see more comic books sharing pages to bump up the page count? It might make for a more cohesive continuity. As well as a continuous case of deja vu...

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

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