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The Great Cutting And Pasting Of X-Men Regenesis 1 And Generation Hope 12
While his X-Men Regenesis #1 is a whopping 34 pages at $3.99 How are they bucking the current Marvel price points? Well, by time share By using the same four pages. X-Men Regenesis #1 tells the story of each of the Utopia X-Men, and their decision to stay with Cyclops or go with Wolverine Or in Psylocke's[...]
(UPDATE) Five Teaser Panels For X-Men Regenesis
Marvel has given itself,  Comic Book Resources, Newsarama,  iFanboy, and IGN teaser panels for X-Men Regenesis by Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan Bleeding Cool didn't get any, obviously Nevertheless we can do what all those others haven't and… put them all on the same page! What scamps we are! Marvel has given itself,  Comic Book[...]
Psylocke Plays For Both Sides? X-Men Gold Teams Reveal More Members
Adding to the gold teams in X-Men Regenesis comes Psylocke (also on the blue team in X-Men, the saucy wench), Quentin Quire (okay, didn't see that coming), Beast (Dark Beast?), Siryn, and Strong Guy…. Adding to the gold teams in X-Men Regenesis comes Psylocke (also on the blue team in X-Men, the saucy wench), Quentin[...]
And Havok Makes The Set – X-Factor On X-Men Gold Team
Looks like we have brither-at-arms, Alex Summers will be joining Wolverine, philosophically, and taking X-Factor with him on the "gold" side, as Scott Summers and his crew are defined by the "blue" half of the X-Men Schism/Regenesis thingy. This has to be the final part of the "quadriptych" doesn't it? Looks like we have brither-at-arms, Alex[...]
Finally, Cyclops, On Uncanny X-Men #1 Cover
Finally we get a shot of Cyclops in this whole X-Men Regenesis thing Still a lot of silhouettes, of course. UNCANNY X-MEN #1 XREGB Written by KIERON GILLEN Cover and Pencils by CARLOS PACHECO Variant Cover by FRANK CHO Regenesis Blue Variant by DALE KEOWN Blank Variant Cover available X-MEN REGENESIS After the Schism, UNCANNY X-MEN starts over at #1[...]
The Return To The X-Men, Blue And Gold
The X-Men Regenesis teasers being issued by Marvel Comics seem to be falling into two camps Those with Blue logos and those with yellow Each colour seem to be setting up a common background as well, with images slotting together. Is Schism bringing  the return to the Blue and Gold teams of the nineties? And do[...]
Uncanny X-Men To Split Into Two Books In X-Men: Regenesis
Which is possibly the shortest cancellation in existence. It will be accompanied by Wolverine & The X-Men in October, as the X-Men splits along ideological lines, Cyclops taking one team , Wolverine taking the other in what Marvel are called X-Men Regenesis. Kieron Gillen will write Uncanny X-Men with Carlos Pacheco and Greg Land on art[...]