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"When Spider-Men Flew Out Of My Butt"
Animated pre-program trailers are the bane of television. Network television. Just when you are getting to the emotional high point of a TV show, a little
Friday Trending Topics: Marvel May Day
Lots of Marvel trending on BC today, topped off by what's happening in the month of May -- a big month for the company on both the comic and film sides.
Frank Cho Puts Guns & Dinos On Ice
  Frank Cho has put his yet-to-be-released-and-frankly-rather-late Image Comics series on ice. Guns & Dinos was to have been released late last
Apologies To H.M. Bateman
"The superhero who suggested that all this fighting was just silly and everyone should just kiss and make up." Or the cover to Wolverine And The X-Men #9
Mirko Colak To Draw The Punisher
Mirko Colak is best known in the US for his work on the Red Skull: Incarnate miniseries, as well as work on Secret Warriors. Well, according to Google+,